The Largest Archaeological Sites of the World’s Lost Civilizations!

The Largest Archaeological Sites of the World's Lost Civilizations! 4

“Lies in the midst of mother earth, the mysteries never solved, the cities never seen, the civilizations that still haunts like a phantom, many more still lay hidden, until the truth finds it’s way, opening the doors to ancient knowledge, to the ancient creatures, to world’s lost civilizations through the largest archaeological sites!”

We live, we die and we are forgotten, our culture, our traditions turn to the pages of history but then we are powered to explore many civilizations like ours through archaeology.

I present to you the five largest archaeological sites in the world!


world's lost civilizations

Vikings, that word strikes a chord with the animated movie ‘How to train your dragon’, right? Here’s the fact: they were for real! Vikings were known to be the first civilization who had the generic water-vessels that traveled through the seas, beating Columbus!

There are evidences pertaining to the Viking Settlement c.AD 1000. The Vikings from this civilization are believed to have sailed to North America long before Columbus in 1492.

largest archaeological sites
Anne Ingstad working on a          archaeological site back in 1963.


Norwegians Helge and Anne Ingstad, who were husband and wife, excavated this site based on a clerical narration of a vinland (which means the vine land). This got them digging into the site of the Vikings. The very thought of sailing the oceans back then, roughly about 6000 years ago, is an exemplary attempt by the civilization.

2.Chaco Canyon,USA

This place is known for the Anasazi culture that dated back to c.100 BC -c.AD 1150.

This civilization is known for adopting the modern sophisticatechaco1d lifestyle that included multi-storey communal houses, ceremonial chambers, artistic way of pottery and trading goods.can

The pre-historic phase is not only noted for it’s sophistication but also for their role in understanding astronomy back in the ages. It is known that the people studied astronomy and constructed the city with respect to the complex celestial patterns throughout the desert. It is also proved that the city dealt with cosmology and astronomy like no other civilization as their constructions and roads are all world's lost civilizationspatterned to celestial bodies.


This is a Mesoamerican city dating back to c.AD 500 to c.800.eg1


The amazing city opened up the magnificent structures of the pre-historic world. It also consists of famous pyramids such as the Pyramid of the Sun. This is the world’s third-tallest pyramid which is 75 m (246 ft).

It is a tourist place known for it’s huge structures that make a human seem insignificant in-front of it’s massiveness. Along with this, there is a showcase of the art and sculptures that were made in the forgotten Era.

4. Tikal,Quatemala

We are familiar with the Mayan civilization, those who could foresee the future and who are known to have followed a very accurate Mayan calendar. This calendar even contained a premonition of the world’s end!

Well, this is the Mayan city dating back to AD 250-900. This once small village evolved into the largest city of the Mayan classic era. This is known as one of the largest archaeological sites located in the rein-forests. All that remains now are the ruins of the politically, economically and spiritually strong Mayan Civilizations.

In 1979, it was declared as a UNESCO world heritage site.


World's Lost CivilizationsAt the heart of the city were the funerary pyramids and the great plaza which was used for ceremonies back then.

5.Machu Picchu, Peru – Mystical Mysterious City

The next archaeological site has a name that’s animatedly cute. However it is located high in the mountain region of the Andes (about 2430 mts above the sea-level in Peru) right above the Urubamba river valley.

This magnificent mind-blowing structure was built by the Incan civilizations dating back to c.AD 1450.

It is a lodestone for the complex building structures of temples, baths and residences, probably known for the royal retreat to the nature. But how wrong were we as there was evidence that these intriguing structures had dry-stone walls that fuse huge blocks bereft of mortars. It is still a mystery that haunts the archaeologists, like a phantom, for it’s amazing ruins. Sometimes myths exist of the extra-terrestrial visiting the place! Spooky indeed.

World's Lost Civilizationsm

There are places that are still buried, waiting to be explored. These places give us the best idea of the pre-historic times when it all started! Visiting these places will just add value to it’s worth and beauty!

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