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The Weird Files: Our Universe

The Weird Files: Our Universe 4

Our Universe is filled with many unsolved and solved mysteries. In fact did you know that our Milky-Way Galaxy is rotating at 225km/sec, one million earths could fit inside the sun, and so many other enticing theories?

Get read to know what they are:


SHOCKED! How a can a star be dead?? But its true, they are dead and very far from us, the distance is so much that it takes ages to reach our eyes. For instance, The bright Star Vega is 25 Light Years away from us, thus the light we see in it has already left the stars 25 years ago.  Thus it means that we are actually looking back in time. Well, there are so many million stars in the sky and some are even old, which means that the light we see in them has already left the star million years ago.

The Weird Files: Our Universe 5


Have you ever heard about Sagittarius B?? Well, do you know that you can open a pub there?? But ALAS! Its 26,00 light years away from the earth. Sagittarius B is an interstellar cloud of dust and gas located near the center of Milky-Way galaxy. It contains 10 billion-billion liters of Vinyl Alcohol and is an organic molecule which actually provides clues about how the first elementary unit of life forming substances were produced.

The Weird Files: Our Universe 6

  • BPM 37093

Discovered by the astronomers the largest known diamond in our galaxy. Found 50 light years away in the constellation of of Centaurus, BPM 37093 is larger than the planet earth and is 25,000 miles away. Weighing 10 billion trillion-trillion carats, BPM 37093 is also known as “Lucy” named after the Beatles song “Lucy in the sky with diamonds“.

The Weird Files: Our Universe 7


The theory of Parallel Universe or Multiverse itself is a superlative concept which is hard to believe. But several branches of mathematics, quantum mechanics, and astrophysics have all come to a similar conclusion that the existence of infinite number of world just like us is possible.The Weird Files: Our Universe 8 


Well, this might sound unrealistic but unfortunately its true that we are all made up of star-dust. Carl Sagan said- “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple-pies, were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made up of star-stuffs”

The Weird Files: Our Universe 9


Don’t be surprised by its name, this planet is believed to be the home for extraterrestrial life. According to the researchers and scientists this planet has the same feature like the planet earth. It is estimated that here are around 50 million potential Goldilocks planet in the milky-way which in turn means that life can exist in places other than earth.

The Weird Files: Our Universe 10

  • Other strange facts like, Space smells like seared steak, hot meal and welding fumes.
  • The center of our galaxy tastes like raspberries and smells  like rum.
  • Each year moon moves 3.8cm further from the earth, etc and so many more. 

Our Universe is made up of many same to same tiny stories cum facts which are funny and interesting at the same time. But yet we only know a few, there are so many more interesting unknown facts which are yet to be discovered.


Written by Sarnali

I am a Mass Comm. graduate, love to click-write-post. Currently a fresher,and an explorer by nature.

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  1. That was one interesting post Sarnali:) So every time I look at stars ,I tend to realize the hidden mysteries and the fact that we are all made of star-dust just emphasizes that there is no fault in our stars and we create our life.

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