The Watchables: Bang Baaja Baaraat

Sometimes, you happen to tell people about some things which are either underrated or not really known of till they come to an end or both. I have no idea in which category this series falls in. (Seriously, I’m a writer, not a critic.)

So, let’s start talking about Bang Baaja Baaraat. It’s a web series that has been started by a YouTube channel owned by the YFilms (cooler younger brother of YRFilms). And yes, YFilms is the same channel that gave us Man’s World a few weeks back. (If you don’t know about that either, go watch.)

bang baaja baarat band baaja baaraat

Bang Baaja Baarat covers the three days of wedding ceremonies of it’s two main (or side) characters, Pawan aka Punnu and Shahana aka Shahana. I’ve chosen to represent them as side characters in the brackets because of the other main characters which I’m going to list down as your reasons to follow this series. Before we get to that, here’s the trailer for your reference:

Bang Baaja Baaraat Trailer

Yeah, this is, ummmm.. this is what.. ummmm.. we’re talking about. (I guess)

Let’s get to the top reasons you want to watch this show for:

1. The Parents

Yes! They are the best! They’re the bringer of the chaos, the commanders of the weirdo armies and yes, the breakers of the “on the same page” pact. Pawan’s parents are the epitome of simplicity. Their characters are so beautiful, you’ll be in splits the minute they emerge on the screen. Shahana’s parents are one fucked up pair because they’ve been divorced, father (a Punjabi stud with swaaag) has another family and the mother (who reads Murakami) has, of course, a boyfriend. There’s a minor detail about the boyfriend but let’s skip that because it’s a spoiler. Their values and actions are so twisted that they kind of sabotage the limelight of the couple we’re talking about and you feel like pitying them. But you love them anyway.

yDQzgd band baaja baaraat

2. The Dialogues

You have got to adore this show for its dialogues. The placement of every phrase is perfect. Even the timing of the abuses are so on point, you’ll give them an award just for that.

3. The Guy and the Girl

How dare you call me sexist! If you read the explanation, you’ll know why I put the guy first. The guy is a standard bechara, musibat ka maaraa. His acting is downright perfect and so believable, you’d want to give him your shoulder to cry on. The girl, on the other hand, has her own charm nonetheless and is subtle. But if we have to compare for the bold title above here, the guy takes the cake. Period.

y7blNj band baaja baaraat

4. The Parallel Storylines

The show mainly focuses on the couple’s relationship through all these chaos, and all the parallel story lines end up affecting it, obviously. But the way all of them have been handled is amazing. Each one of them has been given its own space to grow into so that they aren’t forgettable.

And peeps, that’s it. Go ahead and watch this show. It airs every Tuesday on YouTube and three of its episodes are already out. Have fun, my lovelies.


*Nishana lagake pappi liye hai*


-Apurva Jain

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