The Uninvited

The Uninvited 4

images (3) It was a winter morning. Chowki street was bustling with morning joggers, jingling of rickshaws, and chatterings of vendors. Mist clad the entire area as if a pall over treasure of mysterious gems. Or was that the mist of unsolved riddles hidden in the world. A few kilometers away from this hustle, in the backdrop of yellow woods, was situated a well-built two storey house with shiny wooden doors and windows. Upstairs, on one of the glassy window panes,somebody’s small feeble palms were clearing the mist on it. Her small brown eyes gazed, far into the horizon as if she was waiting for someone to arrive. Samantha in her cream night dress sat near the window with a notebook and a pen. It was that book that was the key to her conflicted mind. Perhaps it was her only friend. She has been a confusing kid since she was adopted to Williams villa. Samantha always found herself in imbroglio, neglected by the parents who had adopted her and she never knew what she really wanted.
7048982703_433a94e467“William,you can’t treat me as your maid. Have some respect for me,god damn it”, a lady of 30s in her pink knee-length frock with a wine glass in one hand was walking across the hall. Lisa was married to William at the tender age of 20. Both were busy in their own lives. Since their marriage, all they had talked about was money and property. Adopting a kid was their strategy to bridge the miles between them but whenever they tried they made the situation worse and both were imbued with all sorts of bitterness. William, all dressed up slammed the door, cursing himself for his decision to marry and started off in his old-fashioned metal black car. As Samantha came down for her breakfast, Lisa without even noticing her presence got hold of her wallet and stepped out, where she accompanied a man in his car. Nobody talked. Nobody cared in Williams villa. For Samantha each morning began like this and dusk was even more worse.

13 year old Sam in her white and blue check uniform, started to school. She had to cross the beautiful woods to reach the Chowki street.All the way she mumbled to herself. She questioned herself,but the questions were always left unanswered. At the end of the woods,there was a small wooden house with lots of flowers around it. As she passed the house, a 4 year old boy in stripedimages (1) pyjamas waved at her. She smiled as usual. Sam liked him as he made her feel like someone cared for her. She was a lonely child at school too and never had any companions. Children thought of her as an orphaned unfortunate witch, whose company would bring ill omen to others.

On her way back to home she was joined by a young girl of her age, much prettier with a firm face, confidence and a crooked smile. Sam never asked where she belonged to. For Sam,that girl,who called herself Evangeline was like a mirror, where Sam could look at and pour out her emotional stress, without being judged by anyone. Evan had a calm tone but her words were a little tricky. It soothed Sam. She wanted to be like Evan.”I hate Lisa.She yells and is betraying Williams. She never loved me.All she wants is money. Sam sitting on a log, looking at the ground, opened her heart up to Evan. She smiled at her and took a fallen leaf in her hand,walked slowly, mumbling”This world is full of betrayals,my sweet. The single rule which has been echoing since since ages is, get rid of what we hate.” With a treacherous smile, Evan glanced at Sam.That night, Sam locked herself in the room.                                            She sat on the floor with papers and crayons spread out on the floor. Like  a crazy girl she hurriedly drew the sketch of a lady in all papers and soon scratched them off with a blade.

“Hey Sam”, soon she heard a soft chuckling, outside her window.

“Evan what are you doing in the dark? Are you not scared?” panicked Sam went close to the window.

“Snobs like you are afraid.Look at you tearing off Lisa right.Whats your plan?She mocked and began laughing.

“Shut up and leave me alone.” saying so Sam went to bed and closed her eyes tightly.

It was heavily raining.The whole atmosphere was darkened and melancholic. Lisa was enjoying wine as usual.”Sam come downstairs and lock the door. I am going out. Sam where are you”?agitated Lisa began to walk upstairs. Sam in her white night dress walked slowly downstairs.”Why don’t you ever reply back, you wretch”? said Lisa as she slapped Sam. As Lisa passed the door, Sam smashed the wine bottle on her head and slayed her all over the body.

“Evan  what have you done to Lisa. She is dead. Oh god”.Sam all of a sudden became panicky and questioned Evan.

“Lisa oh god. Sam why did you do this”? William burst into the house all soaked from the rain outside.

“No William it was Evan. Look she has got a piece of the bottle. She killed her.” Saying this Sam started fidgeting. “What are you talking about, my child?” That was all that a confused and devastated William could say and Sam fainted.

Sam struggled to open her eyes. She listened to the blabbering and the sound of the fan. All she could see was a room of white.”How are you feeling now Sam?”, asked a doctor in his 40s, checking Sam’s pulse. “Better. Where is William?”

“Oh he will join you later. Do you still see Evan”, he asked her curiously, correcting his half moon spectacles. Sam began to get up and walked towards the window. She looked far into the ground and replied, “Not now, doctor.”

He walked out of the room and the board on the wall read “MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER”.


Anjali Nair

Written by Anjali Nair

Hi folks
I'm doing ma graduation in english literature.I belong to kerala basically.
Writing has been my passion since my childhood.There are certain things which can't be orally communicated.But such expressions n emotions can be penned out.I believe writers can change the world

"pen is mightier than the sword"

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