The Truth About Soulmates: Getting to Find Your Right One

Romantic novels and movies have taught us that the term soul mate is about the one person we meet by fate and end up spending our lives with. The idea of soul mate for most of us starts and end with a romantic relationship and a partner. We fall in love with this idea and try our best to keep this romantic love forever. However, this is not the reality. This is not what a soulmate is.

The mentality that a soulmate is someone you are destined to meet and fall in love is not true. It gives you a completely wrong idea about having someone as a soul mate due to the lack of a better term. This is an opportunity for you to redefine the term soul mates. It is about sparking hope for the ones who believe that they will not be able to find the one soul in billions of people.

It is time to open our eyes and understand that we are not restricted or limited to one soul mate. As explained in a blog post from Psychic2Tarot, you can have more than one soulmate and often they are either romantic or close friends.

In reality, a soulmate can be anyone who mirrors like you do. Each one us has different characteristics and we see different things in different people. We are all separate identities and there is something in the other person that connects with us and reminds us of our own selves. Our soulmate is not only similar to us but has different parts of us that are instilled in them. When we search for our better half or other half we consider ourselves to be incomplete in one form or the other. Our souls can be distributed not into one person but could be more than ten people. There is no ratio of comparing the number of people our souls are distributed with.

Giving truly love to your soulmate makes your bond strong

Every soul mate can provide you with different outlooks, emotions as well as purposes. Each individual has unique attributes that make them special in our lives and it makes no sense to restrict the term soul mate to one person only. Every individual is worthy of the special position in our lives and will play a special role in different circumstances.

The “connection”

The reason why we desire a soul mate in our life is because they allow us to feel in sync with them. They allow us to get in touch with ourselves in a better manner. Soul mates are an extension of our mind and our souls. They are an extension of ourselves and that is the reason we feel an instant connection with them. The connection that we share with every soul mate is unique and exceptional. Each soul mate completes a different part of us and we tend to find comfort in having someone who can relate to use and understand us in a clear and concise manner.

Human beings are complex and we are always looking out for people who understand us better than we understand ourselves. When we find such people, we call them soul mates. We make them an extension of ourselves and see the beautiful and distinguished traits in them. They are the ones who empathize with use if we are going through a difficult time. They address our issues and just get us like no-one else can.

Intertwining passions

Each one of us have a passion that gives our life a purpose. With a soul mate who shares the same passion, you find yourself doing better every day. The soul mate challenges you to do better and inspires you to never give up on what you love. You can take the same journey together or take different journeys on the same path, it will be a journey like no other. A soul mate will be there for you in every manner. He or she will not only share the same interests but will also have the same preferences, choices and likes and dislikes. You will be able to make the most of countless opportunities that come in your way.

The love that is shared between two soulmates is the strongest love and the most wonderful love because it is not restricted to the idea of romance or to us. It is bigger than ourselves in every manner.


There could be endless distance between the two of you but that will only be physical distance and the minute you are reunited, you will pick up from where you left. No amount of distance can change your relationship and there is no insecurity between the two of you. When you are away from your soul mate, a part of you is missing and this is why absence will only bring you both closer. It does not matter that they have only entered your life or have been in your life for a very long time, the moment you meet them, they will become a big part of your life. There is nothing to hide with them, no secrecy, no facades, you are at most ease when you are with them. They have seen you at your best and your worst and loved you at all times.


Your soulmate will enrich your life in more than one manner and it will be mutual. Your soul mate is an extension of yourself and you learn from their achievements and mistakes. You rely on them to grow as individuals and to follow your passion. They make you better with each passing day, even when you are separated by miles.

You learn different things from different people but they all teach you one thing in common. It is to care for somebody more than you do for yourself. Having a soulmate in your life is a blessing and they will help you prepare for the future loves and the people that might enter your life in the future.

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