So is the Soul….!

So is the Soul....! 1


The tale of a young girl who lost her path in the land of the unknown….The fire that crackles inside her with its pale shades still longs to discover the unseen wonders of life..!



When a dream is lost,

so is the soul….!


I whispered.

A fire of dreams crackled inside

It grew brighter,

in the hues of heavenly halo.

Its glimmering shades canoed,

through the deep ocean,

inside my green eyes.

I could see,

The red rocks covered in violet moss.

I could touch,

The unseen wonders.

I could hear,

The canticles of the canaries.

The harbinger of halcyon days.

The trails of a dream alive!


I evolved as a damsel.

I walked,

through the wild and unexplored path.

Passing the sunset,

the meadows and the ash trees.

Alas! The jostling crowd,

the demonic eyes and the frozen arms,

throttled me to a dark cobwebbed corner.

The fire burnt no more,

In this cold limestone cave,

of fear, of death.

In the heart,

the hearth of a damsel.

The trails of a dream dead!

I whispered.

When a dream is lost,

so is the soul….!

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