The Sex Taboo

Sex Taboo


If the history of the world is scrutinized one will notice how sex has become a taboo over the years. The first man, Adam, was said to have been blessed with multitude of happiness and the gift to multiply but the fateful event resulted in the fall of man which turned sex into a sin.

Eve- the woman considered responsible for the fall and every woman has since then been blamed for luring men into cardinal pleasures. The Catholic Church over the centuries had forbidden the activity and celibacy was held in  high regard. Such references can be found in many literary texts, like Geoffery Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’ and many sacred texts of the monotheistic religions. If there were to be intercourse, it had to be for the sole purpose of recreation. Abstinence from pleasure was a must, over indulgence- a cardinal sin. Sex being such a taboo, the church had also condemned masturbation, contraception and sterilization. Sexual morality has been preached for centuries and thus shaped the minds of millions. This has resulted in inhibitions and raised many doubtful questions in many, especially the teenagers. Even the word itself has raised many eyebrows in question and indignation. Parents shy away from the topic and the questions remain unanswered. Most schools skip through the chapter on reproduction causing many students to remain ignorant.

Don’t even say the word.

The curiosity then is satisfied through the act itself which is then condemned by the society. the public remains unenlightened about the sexually transmitted diseases and 16% of the people die due to diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, AIDS and the like. In how many households do you think you can say the word out loud?



The society first condemns sex then it condemns abortion, artificial insemination and every pragmatic approach to birth control and issues related to sex. In countries like India, arranged marriages are the norm. Throughout ones life one is taught to refrain from “such activities” and one day, after some rituals, one is supposed to sleep with a stranger! I am amazed at how our society functions, at how virginity is sold in the form of a beautiful, young bride. Sex when practiced within the societal norms is not a taboo.

There are numerous reasons why sex is important both biologically and spiritually. It is the means of reproduction, it also acts as a stress buster. It releases more oxytocin, estrogen and balances the body hormones. Doctors advise sex for a healthier and happier marriage. Psychoanalysts and Psychologists are certain that many answers to important issues lie in sex.

Moreover, sex is more than just a physical act. When the religions preach unanimity, the nations propagate unity and why should one stop at sex when it is the most reasonable experience of oneness.

Pragya Anurag.
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