The Provider and Protector

The Provider and Protector 4

The nature has designed women to be the nurturer, and man to protect and provide, that was the law of land. She never got the wind of her own potential until the protector and provider became controller and commander, decisions were taken for her, hobbies crushed, talent crucified and potential locked. Compromise and sacrifice became her second nature and “SHAKTI” remained domesticated for centuries. How long the energy could be confined, the true potential finds its expression eventually.


Yes every butterfly was a caterpillar once. Some perish enroute and a few manage juggling multiple roles and carve a niche on professional front as well.

I have not met a single successful woman professional who did not want to get married bear a child or was afraid to commit and fall in love. On the contrary most women challenge their emotional beings to remain focused and achieve professional goals.

The one who suffered most and still stands confused is the other half, who sincerely does not know how to deal with this empowered and independent species, who did not need  to be provided and protected like before. Power equations changed within the four walls of homes and even at work places.

Family courts have begun seeing more number of broken marriages as most women are ready to over work however will not walk back to cocooned life. We see increased number of reported rape cases/murder incidents/ domestic violence against women which of course is sheer expression of frustration and crippled psyche.



The bigger question is, “Did  they provide and protect out of love and sense of responsibility  or   due to  age old belief system that  the role of woman is to nurture/ bear children/manage household and also serve as a owned legitimate object of desire”?

Women for sure were not allowed to cast a vote of choice in earlier times she had to follow traditions. Decisions for what she will wear whether and what will she study, will she be allowed to work or marry a person of her choice,  to adopting the lifestyle/traditions etc. of a new home where she needs to win all hearts on daily basis to reserve her right to be there. She still followed out of love and faith.

He expected her to look after his parents, forget her own or at least put them on the periphery of their circle to be allowed only  as occasional guests. He expected her to cook, clean, manage household, bear and raise children,  be at the back  and call of his desires and demands, align all her wishes as per his plans. It is a bonus if she can also pool in her salary cheque.

Pick up any epic  there are many versions be it Ramayana or Mahabharat only names were different a Sita somewhere a Draupadi elsewhere the story remains same. Since time immemorial the woman has been at the mercy of her so called saviors. She obviously never got a fair deal. However she continued in the name of love, faith, duties until whatever proved to be the last straw on camel’s back and she comes alive in “Shakti Avtar”.

Durga 1

The Durgas did not need Shivas to protect them! It is time women tap into latent and untapped potential and live life to the fullest  and those around them accept them for what women truly are.


On a lighter note the species that surely be soon extinct will be “Providers and Protectors.”



Written by AparnaSingh

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