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The Power of Imagination

The Power of Imagination 4


22_The_Power_Of_The_Imagination_Jim_Marrs__RenseRadio__177009‌The art of imagination  is not something one learned in school nor is it any commodity which can be purchased from super markets or from any shop; it is something which is inbuilt in our microchip – which is none other than our brain. It is blessed with the tremendous power of imagination. It is capable of imagining things which are far away from our reach. It is capable of shaping ideas into life-like scenes. Our brain is capable of imagining almost anything even if it falls under the category of ”IMPOSSIBLE”. ”Imagine”, ”imaginative” and ”imagination” are those three keys which provide access to the doors of our own world of fantasies. The power of imagination is absolutely tremendous. Imagination is not something we casually see while we are in our dreams. In fact, imagination is the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through our five senses. With this heavenly ability, one can imagine whole worlds in his or her mind. With the assistance of this power one can travel anywhere in the world with the speed of light or one can do anything which reality imposes restrictions on. It not only includes seeing numerous varieties of pictures in our mind, but it includes all of our five senses. One can imagine sound, taste, sensation, feeling as per his preference. A person possessing a strong level of imagination must not be called a daydreamer or something of that sort.The Power of Imagination 5

The stronger the power of imagination, the stronger will be one’s creativity. Imagination and creativity are two interlinked topics. If one is good at imagining things, then the level of creativity of that person can prove to be transparent to the rest of the world. It is used by each one of us on our day to day lives – consciously or unconsciously.

It is one of the most wonderful gifts from God. The creators, whether of any type of device or of any law must have a tremendous level of imagination, as creativity and imagination are two key factors for any sort of invention, and for any type of discovery. The creative power of imagination is absolutely necessary for achieving success in any sphere of life. It is an important as well as a secret ingredient in the recipe of a champion or a successful person. If anyone wants to achieve something in life or to become someone in their life, they need to have creativity, accompanied with the wonderful power of imagination. This superb power is not found in superheroes but in each and everyone of us. It is a real heroic power which is embodied in each one of us and is far better than those fake ones we watch in television or those we hear of in stories. Imagination also helps us in fulfilling our desires when accompanied by a positive attitude.

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The power of imagination is not just a matter of imagining impossibilities. Instead, it is concerned with TOUCHING LIFE WITH IMPOSSIBILITIES.


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