The Other Man’s Daughter

The Other Man’s Daughter 4

12The pain slowly abated, a harangue of emotions, and an innocent soul was bought into this world. For the mother it was an exacerbating situation as she had lost a lot of blood, machines whirred, nurses panicked, doctors sighed but the angels had already made their decisions, the little angel had to face the world without a mother. Amidst the confusion, came the ward boy screaming, the father was nowhere to be seen. The act of transgression was already done, the sweet little angel giggled a little, little did she knew that she had to face the whole world alone.
The police searched the whole city but it felt like the man had disappeared  into thin air. After the search was over it was announced that anyone who wanted to adopt the child should come forward, but it seemed like nobody wanted to adopt the child, god works in mysterious ways, passing by the hospital was a rich man who always desired to have a daughter but due to his ill fate all he could have were four boys. Hearing the announcement the man went to inquire and to his luck he was allowed to have the custody for the little angel. As for the little angel now had a roof over her head. The man couldn’t wait to tell the good news to his wife and so he rushed towards his home, but to his surprise it was an unwelcome sight as his wife had passed away owing to a terrible heart attack. The little angel giggled a little, little did she knew that she was already branded as a curse and bad luck by the people.
The rich man payed no heed to what others said and lived in his big house with the little angel. He thought of naming her the next morning and so they went to sleep. It was midnight when the intruders broke into the rich man’s house, it was too late for the man to do anything, all he could think about was about her daughter’s safety, a numbing sensation swathed his body, a sharp object had invaded his skin, everything was like an euphoria and suddenly it was all black. The intruders looted the house while the little angel giggled, little did she knew they were going to be her new guardians.
As the intruders ran away taking little angel with them, police intercepted them, and then started the long chase to capture the intruders, the path was a tortuous one, the intruders were slowing down because of the infant they were carrying, the leader decided to release her and so they placed her carefully near the side-walk and as they turned towards the road to run, came a truck out of nowhere thus sending them all to perdition. The police sighed a relief seeing the little angel giggle, little did she knew her life was again turned upside down.
No one seemed to even care for adopting her as for now she was declared nothing but bad luck by the women that were standing there. Oh the Irony, when a women starts disparaging their own kind and that to a little soul who can barely speak a word. Finally it was planned that the little girls fate would be decided by the court. She was given a small cradle in the hospital where she had to spend the night all alone. Later that night the earth trembled like never before, an earthquake had hit the city, there was a state of distress, people ran for their lives but the little girl giggled, for she knew her time has come. She could hear the angels sing for her and the fairies had already prepared her dinner as she felt really hungry because everyone had seemed to forget to give her food or water.


Complete silence!!!!!
The tryst with destiny was a road so barren for this little angel that even the devils would not have dared walking on it. Within a short span of her life she had seen the vagaries of humanity, she observed that there was no good or evil, it’s just the various faces that humans make depending upon the situation. She saw that the angels and demons reside in human’s body and seeing the current state of people she was sure that the Demons are having an advantage. Smoothly, as her soul floated in the sky making her way to heaven she could hear what people said and with tear filled in her eyes the only question she asked what wrong have i done! what wrong have i done! for i’m just like an other man’s daughter on seeing the levelled hospital, the women sighed a relief and said good thing she was dead as she was an Other man’s daughter





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