The Mysterious Friend


This poem is for a friend of mine. We all have that one friend who will stay with us during all our hardest times. Gender differences and cultural differences are so nothing to those friends. To those wonderful relationships.


You Worshiped my angels,
You played with my demons,
You ripped my masks,
You have
visited the abandoned parts of my heart.
You treated me like a God.
You have silently observed every action of mine.
You reincarnated me through you.
You manifested my thoughts into you.
You built a castle out of the ruined bricks of my heart.
You slept with my soul, but you have never touched my body.
You know the worst secrets of mine,
You have tasted my vulnerability,
You stole my loneliness,
You have given me the love which cannot be given by anyone.
Yet, you are not my everything.
You are not mine.
You belong to a beautiful soul. But the husky invisible communication of our demons is going to continue till the end of our time

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