To the Moon & Back…

Hello there,

Long time and no see. I was really shocked to see your message the previous day, honestly I thought I was a distant memory or forgotten to you. Hope you are doing fine as I am.
Trust me knowing you were the greatest and weirdest thing that happened in my life. As a kid, you were a walking bundle of trouble. Oh boy, you put me in so much mess.

Taking my snacks, forcibly eating my candies and playing with my toys – that was you. I was a little teary girl always whining about you to our mothers and thus followed by their laughs.

Growing up was fun because you were around. Chasing butterflies, sharing candies and yes fighting up for each other. I remember when you got that stuffed Mickey Mouse on my 10th birthday. That was the cutest gift you ever gave me.

Spending time with you was my favourite pastime. Every evening, talking to you about every silly thing. Every sound of your voice was a melody to my ears, a serene lullaby to lift my spirits.

There are no words to woe when you said your father had got a transfer and you have to leave the town. I heard my very core detaching from myself. You have no idea how much I hated you for leaving me on my own.

The rose you gave me before leaving is something I still hold onto. Seeing you leave and waving me with a remorse smile, broke my heart and me into tears.

Days were low, nights were worse. I have spent days talking to Mickey Mouse you gave. Pretending it to be you, sharing my toffees, secrets everything. Every day I gazed out my window in the anticipation of seeing you walking to my door and saying “don’t be a bum and sit around. Come let’s make memories with butterflies today.”

Years passed. I didn’t hear much from you. Occasional emails or rare phone calls were just the way to be in touch with you. My friends scorned me, calling me a dupe, for anticipating for a passing cloud who flew away from my skies. I had yearned tied up to you. You would come and things will fall back to its place.

It borne to me – a story without an end, a poem with no rhymes. Painting skies of hope, writing a letter of faith.Wanting to be inundated with your love, waiting for you reminisce, see me standing there, a nice dress, exquisite smile, and mostly memories of us.

But Soon I wondered if you were ever coming back into my life again. I tried to move ahead in my life, but you always ambled around in my mind. It wasn’t easy as I wrote it down. Endless efforts, in vain attempts and heart, breaks every now and then. But days passed. Slowly, though.

You can’t imagine my glee when I got your message. Millions of sparks came to life that day. All those memories came back to life. Your smiling face danced right in front my eyes. Your voice saying, “hey my million dollar baby”.

When my shadow prowled in doubts,
your warmth gave my strength.
When I wanted to retrace my steps,
you held my hand and walked by me
When I was standing in an alone in a dark night,
you came in you shining armor to save me.
When I ran out of survival options,
you turned out as the perfect one.

Just when I thought, it all ended there,
you came back with a glorious smile and warm embrace.

Wondering what’s wrong with me?
Some secrets need to be shared at the perfect moment,
May the moment arrive years later.
This is my moment.

I won’t leave your side in the darkest of nights,
I will be there to share your smile with the brightest of lights,
Wearing a pretty & shiny armor, I will stand as your guard,
Baby I love you… I love you to the moon and back.
Today, tomorrow every day till I breathe.

Your million dollar baby.

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