The Modi Dilemma

One and half a year before , a Man literally old man even smart man was a strong belief for all the Indians . The four letter name of that man was pronounced everywhere in India . It be a literate , illiterate , Engineer , Doctor , IAS , School guy , farmer and be anybody from India , blindly believed on that man and sent him to Prime Ministry office with the posting named Prime Minister of India . MODI – this name has power enough to rule India .

Modi ji – sweetly called as a Digital Prime minister of India . His techniques dealing with India were in a digital format which have not done by any of the Prime Minister in India . The way he handles the problem is completely different from the other of his colleagues . And those are welcomed .

If there is any modern Mahabharatham , Modi will be suitable for casting Sri Krishna ‘s role . His weapon is attracting by his words . He is a well known speaker and he pull attention from the listeners .

He had fixed a goal before the election and hope was he would be traveling towards that goal . Hardly , Modi is traveling across the countries in the world and not to the goal .

Modi :

– to drive the attention from the foreign powers and invest in India : Welcomed !

– to afforest the employment opportunities : Welcomed !

– to destroy the poverty : Welcomed !

– to give a powerful advice to the people of Bharath – Welcomed !

– Using Social networking to a vast use than  any other Prime minister to interact  the people – Welcomed !

–  supporting to other sport players than cricket – Welcomed !

– a full stop to the  verdict on Telengana vs Andhra  and bringing a new city Amaravathi – Welcomed !

etc etc etc .

Let take a small example , Everybody like Gulab Jamoon very much and when it extend the limit it gives the sense of barf . Likewise Modi’s advice starts irritating when it crosses the boundary . Modi’s vision is according only to bring up  the companies invest in India . His vision becomes blind when comes to the internal problems . The silence for the problems in India is the worst side of him . His next to next foreign trips slowly reduce the hope on him . A day back too , he was on UK where he talked about the intolerance of India at British Parliament that gave him big applause . Looking at the Prime Minister’s facebook profile , there is a photo of every leaders of country with Modi and there is no image like Modi with poor , Modi with Indians .

Modi , you are slowly fading out . Stop the foreign trips and handle the problems in  India . Take away the silence on those cases . Stop giving advices to people and and take those advices to you . Rape sequences , the worst of all the happenings could be still read somewhere in the newspaper daily , take the steps to stop that . Black money – bring that first . There are farmers in the country and give them some land despite giving them to foreign investments . Speak about the problems occurring in India through AIR and twitter . Three and half years are left . Bring the hope back to the Common people living in India . There is still some confidence left on you .

Bihar election and UP election would have taught you a lesson and make that lesson interesting and not boring again.



Written by Santhosh

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