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The Mask : Do We Need To Change?

Someone said: “Time changes and so do people !”

               But most of the times it’s not people who change, it’s the MASK that falls off.

Human being, the so-called social animal wants real people to surround him but forgets to be real himself. The race of defeating others is so tempting to us that we forget to be better ourselves. The human race is one, which rather than developing themselves wants others to be undeveloped.

Friendship, the purest relationship of all, is the choice of an individual and not a knot tied by blood. It has become less emotional but more profit oriented. A friend is no more happy in other friend’s achievements. What bounds his happiness is the jealousy and insecurity that he allows to get the better of him. The undisclosed competition that two friends have between them is like a poison to their friendship which someday will lead to a dead end in the path of relationship.

Is wearing the mask compulsory? Is survival without the mask impossible nowadays? Are real and genuine people the ones who suffer the most and loose the most in their lives?

Genuine people are wanted by all, no matter how independent and strong an individual stands in his life, there definitely comes a time when he does need someone to stand by himself, someone to support him, understand him and believe in him. But where does one find such people? I guess nowadays nowhere! The competition of being on top has so badly ruined the emotions of people, that nobody hardly cares what goes wrong with the people around them. All they are concerned about is themselves and their situations.

But then is the present demanding the need to be selfish and self-centered? Because we cannot forget the fact that genuine and real people are the ones who get hurt the most. Even if one decides, that he will be loyal and speak his heart out to people, people around are so judgmental and opportunist that the person is made to rethink about what he decided and about how he would present himself in front of everyone. In every corner of the globe, people seek opportunities to catch one’s mistake and weakness and use it against them only. So keeping this side of the coin in mind, one cannot be real too.

Whenever confronted, half of the people who bully others say, “We bully others, so that they don’t bully us”. 

    The fear of facing any adverse situation oneself forces one to put others in that situation.                     How selfish yet so practical is that !  

    Living in the twenty-first century, an individual finds it difficult to trust someone than living his entire life alone and messed up. A person walking right next to you talks with all the sugarcoated words, so how can you trust his honesty ?

Keeping aside the examples of others, are you the REAL YOU with everyone ? Are you honest in every relationship of your life ? Are you not wearing that MASK ?

How important that mask is, is yet to be decided by you only because every individual deals with different situations in the journey of his life. But don’t let that mask have such deep impact on you that you yourself forget the REAL you.

 Life isn’t a cake walk so isn’t the decision of ‘How to Live It’. But even if people around are wearing masks,

         Trust them ! You may get betrayed but you shouldn’t stop giving them a second chance. Remember, one shoudn’t stop trying because of the fear of falling. 


Written by Swati

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