The Launch Of iPhone 6S Saw A Robot As One Of Its First Customers

The Launch Of iPhone 6S Saw A Robot As One Of Its First Customers 1

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s Plus are launched with the intention of smashing the records of all its previous models. This is a completely new model which has an all new inside although its external looks are not that different from its previous versions. Like usual, the iPhone 6 has attracted hundreds of iPhone fans who are queuing up to be the first to set their hands on this all new presentation from their favorite company of Apple. This is almost a ritual among the Apple iPhone launches where the first line of buyers is clapped for their unparalleled and unmoving dedication.

However, this year there has been an astounding exception in this ritual. It is the fact that among  the first of the customers to buy iPhone 6, is a robot named Lucy. She is a telepresence robot who consists of an ipad face. She bought this with her American Express Credit Card which was taped to her head conspicuously.

The iPhone 6 which hosts an awesome iOS 9 and comes with a 3D touch display detects how hard you are pushing on your phone that will open up a whole new world of opportunities.

Tips – Easily manage the contents on your iPhone 6 with iPhone manager.

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