The Impeccable Love Of A Father


Love is not about how much you say I Love You, but how much you prove that it’s true.

In the rat race towards the pinnacle of success and money in this 21st century, people often forget the responsibility and the love they must manifest for their near and dear ones. Under many circumstances, parents hardly spend some good time with their kids to discover and decipher their enigma, as they find themselves engaged in activities of making money for the bright future of their children, as well as, to keep up with the standards of society.

However, there are some parents who believe that no matter how many financial and social problems exist, their love for their children is their top most priority and their life revolves around making life better for their kids. One such great father of a 6-year old, proved it wrong. Seeing his daughter unhappy about the two cochlear implants she had since birth due to her congenital hearing disability, he tattooed an image of the cochlear implant on his head to match with that of his daughter’s device so that she doesn’t feel left out!

According to medical sciences, “A cochlear implant is an electronic device which may restore partial hearing to the selected deaf.  It is surgically implanted in the inner ear and activated by a device worn behind the ear.  Unlike a traditional hearing aid, which simply amplifies sound which is then heard in the normal way, a cochlear implant converts sound to electrical impulses which are then transmitted to the nerve of hearing that would normally carry the auditory signal to the brain. The device bypasses damaged parts of the auditory system and directly stimulates the nerve of hearing, allowing individuals who are profoundly hearing impaired to receive sound.”

Although this problem runs in their family, Alistair Campbell from New Zealand didn’t want his daughter Charlotte to feel low about it. Charlotte suffers from extreme hearing loss and she received her first hearing aid when she was barely four.  Her brother Louis and her mother are also afflicted with the same defect.  Presently, cochlear implant is the only hope for these groups of patients for developing and learning linguistic ability for communication.

Alistair told the Herald that he did so out of love for his daughter and there are no other tattoos on his body except this one, which itself symbolizes the gravity of this commendable act.  He has also shaven his head to get the tattoo done.  He might grow his hair out if his daughter wishes so.  The pain he went through while getting a tattoo done on the crown of his body was nothing as compared to the love he had for his daughter and his family.

Someone has rightly put it: A daughter is always her Daddy’s little princess; and undoubtedly Alistair has been “successful” in proving his true love for his daughter, not by glamorous words of praise and honour but by making the imperfect seem perfect in her, with his kind and comforting gesture. Moreover, he has set an example to the hundreds and thousands of individuals around the world born with hearing deficiencies and showed them that one must not lose hope, as there is always a rainbow after the rain.




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