Most of the people of this generation are advised not to look into their electronic devices before bed. It stresses us out and disrupts our sleep.

But, what harm could checking Facebook and Whatsapp before bed have on my health other than changing biological clock a bit?


People are exposing their eyes to the light from electronic devices. The light from a smartphone releases a stream of photons, which tells our brain not to secrete melatonin — the chemical responsible for making us feel tired. This stream of photons basically tells our brain – “stay awake, it’s not the time to go to sleep yet”. So, we stay awake and continue to browse our smartphones. This leads us to clock in fewer hours of sleep each night.


Are we getting enough of the right kind of sleep?


Scientists are beginning to discover how important sleep is to maintain our physical and mental well-being. During deep sleep, we actually clean out all the sludge from our brain. The brain is observed to be very active in deep sleep; it also does the unconscious mental processing.  So, deep sleep increases the activity of those genes which are responsible for removing toxins from our body. Also in deep sleep, we relieve psychological stresses. The more we try to sleep with the stress, the more insomnia we get. There’s a new research that shows a protein that gets activated – that’s a part of the epigenome, which never sleeps.


Deep sleep is basically cleaning up our body of accumulated stresses and toxins. If we are sleep deprived, then we have a high risk of obesity because there are certain hormones (leptin and ghrelin) that change our hunger and satiety levels. Also, they change the metabolism of steroids. So, even if we didn’t eat too much, we may get belly fat.

Belly fat acts as an endocrine organ. It messes up the metabolism of steroids. Therefore, deep sleep is associated with inflammation of leaky gut, loss of creativity, loss of energy and risk of many inflammatory disorders.


Deep sleep means seven to eight hours of sleep every night without taking drugs or induced by alcohol. Natural good sleep is absolutely essential for our body to remain in good health, to remove the amyloid from our brain as it causes premature dementia and to self-regulate the cellular activity in our entire body.


New sleep research finds that natural, good sleep is very essential in order to have a good health. When we go to sleep, there should not be any distractions, we need to make sure that we had a good active day. The more exercise we do, the better sleep we get. Scientists recommend giving ourselves an hour buffer between our electronic screens and bed time.


So let us minimize the usage of electronic devices during bed time, sleep well and stay healthier!

Stay away from those screens!!


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