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The G.D :- A Discussion On Love

The G.D :- A Discussion on Love

I love you
Not only for what you are..
But for what I am
When I am with you..

I love you
Not only for what you have made of yourself
But for what
You are making of me..

I love you
Because you have done
More than any creed
could have done.
To make me good,
And more than any fate
To make me happy..

You have done it
Without a touch,
Without a word,
Without a sign.
You have done it,
By being yourself.

-Roy Croft


After reading this poem me and my friends got divestiture from the typical conversation Like, “Have you seen Neha? Nowadays she is behaving so hubris by having a rich classed boyfriend.” Or “wow!! So pretty earring!! Where did you buy this? Oh!! It’s just a gift.” instead we started having discussion on what is love?

Tanya, my best friend started the discussion with the ultimate question of all the time -“what love actually is?” After having a pause she started speaking again ( In such a manner as if she were one the famous speakers whose favourite subject is – LOVE. ) “We have been through the stuff like; Love is the greatest feeling in the world. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. To Love is to sacrifice and so on. The typical definition of love has been prevailing since ages. But now the scenario has been changed. Now love doesn’t mean all these typical kind of things. Though the definition of love has got changed, the gesture of love has remained the same.”


As soon as she completed – Maya, my sweet cutie pie friend took the conversation in her hand and started speaking in the daydreaming look,(may be she was recalling all the sweet memories of her boyfriend) “love is not about doing good things together; it’s about doing all the crazy shits together. It’s not about early morning “love you” messages; It’s about late night whatsapp conversation. It’s not about waiting for the phone call; it’s about waiting for the last seen turns in too double tick,blue tick and finally “typing…”” “Love means doing all the madness,craziness,stupidness with great enthusiasm. And yeah! It feels good.” added my friend Astha.

Suddenly the most studious friend of mine, Devanshesh took the lead of conversation and started speaking deliberately.” You know guys, (with a move of adjusting his already properly placed glasses on his nose) Love has different types. Here, it’s not about Love for parents,friends,boyfriend/girlfriend,etc. But according to My experience love has two kinds.

1) Mature Love
2) Sophomoric Love


Sophomoric loves needs explanations, mature love understands the situation. Sophomoric love wants attention, mature love gives respect. Sophomoric love is stubborn, mature love is thoughtful. Sophomoric love wants to listen romantic stuff, mature love says bitter things for good. Sophomoric love always wants to stay with each other holding hands, mature love let you go for the development. The way I let Shivani go.”
He became to emotional.

So I took the command in my hand and started speaking like an anchor with a mike in her hand. ” You are lucky that you have felt these feeling although for a short period of time. But To be in the love with the one who loves you the way you do is the “pivotal point” of the life. When two people are in love; They are just madly in the deep love with each other. They understand each other,They crave for each other. They care,They enjoy,They just love being themselves with each other. The idea of falling in love is itself so lovely.” I was flawing with words enthusiastically.
“It’s cute to know that the status of someone is for you; no matter if it’s a romantic one or its a taunting one. It’s a heart melting feeling to be proposed on knees. It’s amazing to have an unexpected romantic message. In the starting of a relationship everything is pretty good. The meetings,the surprise of chocolates or Teddy, dinner dates and everything. The main thing starts after few months of the relationship. Likewise with Akshanshi.”

couple,holding,hands,love,boy,cute,girl-6337b3b373e70eab74f82c9f0d784d4f_hNow Akshanshi the most reserved girl ( one who is reserved in front of the outsiders only, though we know how ‘so called reserve’ she was)
“If one wants to make the relationship long lasting than there is art to be learnt to love. Love should be enough mature. There should be suffice trust. There should be the courage and boldness in love. There should be openness to say, “Stop talking to her. I am getting jealous.” And that level of transparency which says,”Baby, will you please check the text message and Reply on my behalf!” it’s not like Pure love is to not expect anything” – is all impractical. All these kind of love story can be in the movies only. Over expectations are not good but at list you can expect a little surprise on your anniversary in spite of the hectic schedule. You can expect a tight hug after a long listless day. To expect something is not always about being selfish. It’s better to say things directly than to getting frustrated inside. It’s always better to fight than letting misunderstandings rise in your mind. It’s always better to express than to see that that thing is going away from you.” she was about to cry so I put my hand around her shoulder and started like I was announcing.
” Love never makes you sacrifice anything you love. True love is to discover the future together by overcoming all the disparagement of the life. Love can not hold you in boundaries. It gives you the wing to fly away and still has the faith and auspiciousness that you will comeback to it. Love is to be thankful for what you are because of it. How beautiful you have become because of it. How the enormous change has come in your life just because of it. ” I too didn’t know that I was so articulated.” Love is to see the future with each other after evaluating present possibilities. To love is too being insane for spending the whole life together. To love is to desire the last breathe in your beloved arms. To love is to being auspicious for the Brighter carries and life of each other.” And at the end I concluded like a vocalist,” To love is to make your loved one better and even better…”

We had never have such a kind of discussion ever before but sometimes it makes us feel better to talk on something valuable than something expensive.


Written by Devanshee

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