The Fuss Of Shopping

The Fuss Of Shopping 4


Girls in metros nowadays ONLY know how to shop and splurge the hard earned money of their families. They go to all rts of markets; local markets, weekly markets, and shopping marts, just to get a PERFECT piece of clothing of their choice and appropriate to the occasion.
But think again. It’s not easy to buy good and fancy things at a decent price. It’s not easy to walk around from market- to market in the hot scorching sun in the hunt of a perfect outfit or something else. It involves a lot of fuss.

Budget constraint

Imagine that tomorrow is your brothers reception and all you got is two thousand rupees in your hand. You cannot go in anything else but ethnic as it is YOUR BROTHER’S RECEPTION. But this is the entire money you got to purchase a dress, accessories, shoes and some other stuff.
To some people, this might not make sense, but it requires proper planning and a good shopper to get everything set before the deadline and in the given budget.
Also, some people in the corporate world have to be dressed smartly and also according to current fashion due to whatever reasons. Undoubtedly, they have to spare a share of their monthly salary for the same. But a good shopper will have to shell out less as compared to a person without any knowledge of the same.

Buying an earring

Let’s understand the amount of confusion during by taking an example. If I want to buy someone an earring, what procedure shall I follow? I mean, what factors shall I take into consideration? Once, I remember that I felt like buying someone a pair of earrings for her birthday and so went to the market to check out some of these. There were many artificial types, many in different metals, some in ceramic but mostly, in plastic. It was so damn confusing. All the earrings in the local markets are anyways horrible and unpleasant. So I went to a fancy artificial earring shop. I couldn’t even figure out one single appropriate earring. Besides, pricing of these different earrings give me fits and headache. I mean, how do I figure out myself which one is expensive and which one is cheap? How do I bargain without this information? Till which limit do I bargain? These small fancy items to some might not even be something significant. After all, these really are tiny; a microscope is sometimes required to even see the design properly. What’s more, the majority of them are either circular or in the shape of some crazily symmetrical flower. When I was shown a fresh stock of a couple of earrings, I freaked out on seeing some earrings fashioned as slippers and toilet seats!!
Ugh. Everything is so confusing. Now comes the sizing. Either it is a real small earring, or it’s something so big that you can make a key chain out of it … Really, atleast something shall be normal.
And all this isn’t it, I didn’t even mention about the hooking mechanism. Even that crazy thing comes in so many types, most popular being the hook and the screw mechanism. The hook one is like a small coat hanger hinged in your ear in a rather care-free manner. And the next one is the nut-bolt design which comes with its own madness and difficult wear. Also, I do not understand the concept of this small cut or solitaire cut in the stone fixed ornaments.


Shopping is not an easy task, though over-spending is a big NO-NO. Thought bargaining seems fun, it’s not a child’s play! Some people just like to window shop, which itself is very relaxing. But always remember; lack of knowledge means buying whatever the shopkeeper fools you to buy!


Written by Aarushi

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