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The Five Types Of Guys In A Gym

The Five Types Of Guys In A Gym 4

Not all people who walk into a gymnasium become all-star level professional “gym rats” (whoever coined that!) who become all hunky and muscular within the short period of time they expect themselves to be. But, when they do walk in with such unrealistic passion and a “Veni, Vedi, Vici” attitude, they make for such poignant and (the best part), humorous observation. So much so that a listicle is the way to go for such an observation. Some people call one of them a palestrato, some call them gym rats. Here, however, we go with the term gymmers and gymming. (I don’t know if its right, but you shall be thankful for forgiving an engineer for his bad vocabulary! Trust me!)
The “I’m the One” Guy:
Are you one of those fans (including weird fangirls!), who watch The Matrix on an infinite loop, over and over again, just to see Keanu Reeves given the crown of “the One”? I don’t know about you, but these type of guys certainly have, and its more than just a craze; its an influence! These type of guys just walk in to the gym, to earn that piece of “Hey, nice reflexes!” from other guys in the gym. So, essentially, its a fight to the death for being the fugleman amidst the gymmers for these guys. And, as it is with most things these days for amateurs, it usually ends in a fabulous fail!
The “I Am Here For My GF” Guy:
images (7)“Hey dude! All right, we got it. You want to provide your girlfriend the Shah Rukh Khan or the Channing Tatum she dreams of. But, it’s not about treadmill or the biceps. Women are smarter than ever now. Women just want more from a guy – not just biceps or a set of abs! Ditch this one and go find another girlfriend or just get the hell out of this gym and join another one. You are really starting to freak me out!”. You might want to take note and say this the next time you see this guy.
The “I’m Am Here For A GF” Guy:

guys gym“So, it’s the shirt. Or, the jeans. They have got to fit in. Like one of those Jockey commercial models. And, so you hit the gym! All for what, to get something meaningful in life? To be well and fit as a fiddle? Oh, please! We know you have been eyeing that hot girl, ever since high school. And, you figured out, out of all the things in the world, hitting the gym was the best thing to do. I mean, you chose the gym over a nice heart, a helping tendency, and a sense of humour! Perfect! Better luck, buddy! Other than this, you suck!”. -to this guy! This guy, really! Phew!


The “Love Me Tender” Guy:
This is one guy, who always has girls thronging for a marital prospect! This person has various names, which are as common as stupid people: chocolate boy, cutie, etc and etc (I can’t think of much more names. I am a boy, you see, and I am not this guy, so certainly I wouldn’t know that, a 100 percent!). But, still this guy hits the gym without fail on an everyday basis. Why? Probably because this guy can’t get enough of the chaotic attention he is already getting. How cute!
The “Yoda” Guy:
gymMastery is his game. The Jack of all trades in gymming, this guy is your typical “gym boy”. Been this way for a long time, he hits the gym for the most obvious reason: passion! The influence is mostly a father figure or the neighbourhood tough guy, either ways he was sorted to be this from a young age, making this some sort of legacy! This passion gives him the stamina for being the basic model of a perfect gymmer. I think we can leave this guy alone, for these guys are busy gymming. So, why bother?

S Yuvan

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