The Elegance You Carry With The Printed Saree


While people all around are going gaga for the sarees, printed sarees have acquired a special place. However, modern we become and espouse the westernization, but we will still adorn sarees and all the changes in it. From the time of its evolution, till this date, the saree has been an all time favorite. From the weighty range to the lighter one, I am sure that you must have enclosed all in your wardrobe. This accumulation makes it so simple to dress to the nines and just move. While all the sorts have grace, but the printed one looks out of this world. Not just by Indians, but printed sarees are accepted and revered all over the globe. The multiplicity in the saree and the flamboyant prints on it makes it so special. The elegance of these sarees is no way limited. They are available in different forms and different material with mottled designs. Let’s have a look-

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  • The Digital Prints: These are the most manufactured and admired sarees in the nation. The motifs are designed digitally, and they are simply transmitted on the saree, without taking the number of yards of cloth in consideration. . Also, the feasibility for the experiment with colors varies with this type of saree. The Prints used on these sarees are usually floral, abstract and contemporary. When women dress her with this saree, she just looks spectacular and dignified.
  • The Block Prints: Holding its history back in Gujarat, the block printing is also widely printed in Rajasthan. This printing gained its eminence from the royal times. These were the choices of kings and queens and were higher preferred. The print on the saree is done with wooden block printed stamps and each pattern is printed separately. The wooden stamps are dipped in the color and stamped on the fabric. This induces great effort, and personnel have to be skillful. The raw and captivate look of this saree attracts the seekers of this saree.
  • Kalamkari- The Pen Print: How much more could be created, when the rich and diverse culture of our country has a print with the kalam or a pen. Renowned with the name of Kalamkari, this saree was originated in the southern parts of the nation. Elaborated pictures of the god and goddesses are drawn on the cotton or silk fabric. The extravagated beauty of this saree is beyond comprehension. Women adorned with saree have the source of colossal.
  • The dyeing of Bandhej: The dyeing in a color as many of us thinks is just to put a color on a cloth. But eternally rich Gujarat has taken it to a different level by introducing bandhej sarees. They tie tiny pieces of cloth of a saree by threads and dye the entire saree. As the dyed color is perfectly soaked by the saree they simply unlock the ties and then comes out the vibrant bandhej printed saree. Along with lehariya prints, the bandhej create an enchanting look. Women all around love this saree and without cease to get this saree.

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Part from the grave embroidery sarees, the printed sarees incorporate the patterns in it which make it lighter in weight and eye pleasing. The class and sophistication of these sarees give the match to none other.

Happy wearing printed saree and enjoy reading!

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