The Diary Of A Girl

The Diary Of A Girl 4

As I stepped into my room, a disregarded object in pitiable condition caught my attention. This had been an agent of revolutionary times- “The pen”. It exclaimed to me in a contentious voice, ” Am I a medium to express thoughts, or I can act as a sword too?”. “Am I here for the recitation of excruciating stories or my opus holds a brick position?”. Then I thought to use this weapon and express the life in my own words. The notions triggered my heart and hand to work together. In the twenty years of my life I wrote my first diary- “The Diary of a Girl”.

My utopian view of life quashed when I realised the hatred existing in the present world. Humans are not amiable but egocentric. One cannot flourish because the others are too busy in creating obstructions. I always looked glum when I encounter this self-centred mob. I am a girl who has dreams. What if I feel more than anyone in my peer group? People need to acknowledge uniqueness of everyone. You are not here to judge but to understand. Being perfect is not everyone’s cup of tea.

images (3)Other day, I was with my friends near a market. I noticed an arresting exhibition of paintings. I saw a quirky painting where the painter had asserted that if you find any mistakes please mark a cross on the particular place. The whole painting was marked with numerous mistakes. On the other side, another copy of the painting lying next to the previous asserted that if you find any mistakes please pick up the brush and correct it. Surprisingly, no one did it. This is the actual beauty of the story, everyone has problems but no one has solutions. It is easy to figure out the problem but it is difficult to be on the problem solving side. The astonishing fact is, humans lie on the problem side and not the solution.
If I show my discontentment as everyone does, it will not solve the purpose. If life puts you to the edge of difficulty only to things can happen. Either it catches you when you fall or teach you how to fly.

Problems in the society do exist. Problems such as poverty, unemployment, beggary, homelessness etc are in the picture but the real problem lies in the hearts and minds of humans. The love, the sense of belongingness is missing. Humans inspire of the most intelligent creature on the planet encounters failure when it comes to understanding their fellow beings. To transform this planet from ‘my planet’ to ‘our planet’s the language of love, affection is needed. Instead of working as clusters we should get united and act.

In the present scenario, people have very less time to relax and enjoy the festival called “Life”. They are so engrossed in their lives that they forget how to enjoy the nature, how to love. Today, the life of a simple human is nothing but a pre-planned story. The only way to solve this issue is to come out of our self-made walls, do what we love,acknowledge uniqueness and spread happiness. This will act as balm for bleeding hearts.

I often see people working 24X7, earning thousands each day but still dissatisfied. On the other side of the coin, there are people hardly earning their basic needs but they are on the ninth cloud. So what is the reason behind this massive difference? It is nothing but the mental satisfaction. The volume of your pocket cannot buy your happiness, only your atmosphere with blissful people with contentment and optimism can do so. It is often said that everything that goes around comes around. Also, a rich heart can be under a poor coat.

I hope this beautiful vision comes true one day. If this happen, a world where everyone is concerned for everyone, togetherness in joy or sorrow, then “our planet” can be remarkably happy.


Shubhleen Singh

Written by Shubhleen Singh

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