Environmental Mystery: 25 Interesting Facts About the Environment

Do you use glass bottles or can continue to use plastic bottles? Are you able to make the sacrifices we need for a better tomorrow?

Our living life has become inversely proportional to environmental development. Though the situation of Covid-19 has left us with a lesson about how much environment is important to us. We know the environment has the power to create, rejuvenate, and destroy itself. Living ability, food chain, climatic change all are dependent on the environment.

Whatever we are taking from the environment, we have to give it back. There is a concept of “Mahabhuta”.  Everything is mysterious and everything is magical in the environment. 

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Top 25 interesting facts about the environment 

Whether it be the United States or India we need better environment protection measures – and here is why.

1. Did you know dolphins in every two hours shed the upper layer of its skin

The most surprising fact about bottlenose dolphins is they shed their skin 12 times a day. We know that the skin of the dolphin is very rubbery which it replaces with new skin every two hours. It is highly specialized and it also helps in hydrodynamic. Here the interesting facts about the environment are that the dolphin can heal its skin by itself, the old skin gets discharged leaving the new underneath. It is known that dolphins shed their skin to reduce drags and glad faster in water. There are many interesting facts about the environment specifically aquatic environment which gets balance or regulated by dolphins. The smoothing body surface of dolphins protects them from other elements and let them swim faster underwater pressure.

2. Are you aware that a paper can be recycled for 5-7 times?

Product recycling is another way of preventing our world from destruction. Be it plastic recycling or other products like paper. It is said that a paper can be recycled for 6 times. After that, the fibers become weak and can’t hold together. It is said that averagely a paper can be recycled 5-7 times. After that some fibers become short which cannot be used in paper anymore, then those fibers are used to make other things like egg cartons and other compressed fiber planting containers.

3. Isn’t it unbelievable that your drinking water might have passed through a dinosaur?

The water archive on the earth is constant and limited. The interesting fact about the environment is the water is being recycled each time with the natural process. So the water we are drinking is there from the very inception of the earth. So, might some water we are having has gone through the era of the dinosaurs or passed through a dinosaur. Over time the water gets recycled, be it naturally or artificially. The natural process takes much time as the process of evaporation, rain, and coming back to the earth. Rather the man making process is far more quick resulting.

4. Can you imagine about 64%bottled water in the world is tap water?

You might be shocked to know that 64% of the bottled water is normal water. If the environment was kept pollution-free, we could have got it free of cost. In the report, “Take Back the Tap” the truth was discussed. Many of the company was successful to convince people that packaged water is far healthier than tap water. Taking this chance they started selling tap water with a good package at a higher cost.

5. Did you know Octopus has 3 hearts?

There are many exceptions in the environment, the octopus is one of the interesting facts about the environment. It consists of three hearts. Not only that it has nine brains and blue blood. Among the three two hearts work to pump blood beyond the gills and the third one works to circulate blood to the organs. The exclusive cardiac hardware is composed probably because of the unusual blood composition of the animal. The octopus is regarded as the ancestor of monsters.

6. Did you know humans and elephants are only animals that have chins?

There remain many similarities between humans and elephants. Be it IQ or biological construct. Now the interesting facts about the environment are humans and elephants are only animals on the planet who have chins. Though there are some argues whether the term ‘chin’ can be used for elephants as well. Elephant’s lower jawline is a bit forward-jutting which usually looks like a chin. For human chin is a cladistic apomorphy that works as a muscular attachment to reinforce the jaw for the little movement of the lips during speech or else.

7. Can you imagine Beavers have natural goggles?

It’s really hard to believe, but it’s true. Beavers have transparent eyelids and the interesting facts about the environment are that transparent eyelids work as goggles when they are underwater. The transparent eyelid helps them to see while they are swimming. The bears can stay underwater for near about 15 mins without coming to the surface. Not only the eyelids help them to see underwater but they also protect their eyes.

8. Can you believe bats have visual abilities?

Some research says, bat hunts using echolocation, which is self-produced sound in the dark. But it doesn’t imply the fact that the bats can’t see. Differing in the situations bats do use their eyesight for separate purposes. Some bats also can see ultraviolet light. Moreover, interesting facts about the environment is that there are more than 1,200 species of bats in the world, who are not blind. In a 2009 study, it is found that in North America, there are little brown bats that have visual receptors that get aroused by moonlight and help them to avoid predators. Some 

9. Did you know that nearly 27,000 trees are cut down each day to manufacture toilet paper?

According to the latest news, 10% of cutting tress are dedicated to manufacturing toilet paper. The hardwood trees like maple, oak, gum are used to make toilet paper. Short fiber woods are used to make toilet paper because it produces softer materials. In toilet paper gets manufactured with a combination of 30% softwood and 70% hardwood. Other essentials like chemical, water all are used to mold the fiber as a user and manufacture friendly.75,000 tress can be saved from destruction by only one newspaper company if it starts to recycle the newspaper.

10. Did you know aluminum can be recycled endlessly and forever?

Not all things provide the availability to recycle continuously without ever compromising quality. But aluminum can be recycled endlessly. It says the amount produce the energy we get by recycling 1 aluminum, we can run a TV for three hours. You might be surprised to know that near about 80 trillion aluminum cans are used by humans each year.

11. Do you believe 1 million sea creatures are killed annually by plastic pollution?

Human’s extravaganza threading the ecosystem each day, every minute. You may not know that the plastic bags and plastic materials kill near about 1 million sea creatures annually. Killing the sea creatures not only leading the species to extinct but also it is hampering the food chain in aquaculture. This whole ecological imbalance can result in a major disaster in human existence as well.

12. Did you know according to an estimate, 50,000 species are getting extinct per year?

Deforestation is one of the main causes of the extinction of species. It’s true due to eco-tourism many inhabiting species get hampered. Averagely, 137 species are getting extinct each day. Now travelers are being requested to refrain from impressionism and focus on accurate description of the indigenous species and help to protect them by the sanctuary heads.

13. Did you know insects’ popularity is much higher than any other living creature?

Among the interesting facts about the environment, ecology is one of the prime portions to study. You will be surprised to know that insects’ popularity is higher than any other. Insects are also inseparable from the ecosystem. It is most important to keep the harmony of ecological systems. There are classifications between flying insects and non-flying insects. Some insects are friendly some are not. But mistakenly some friendly insects are killed in interest to save grains which causes a vital disturbance in ecology. The combined weight of 100 trillion ants is similar to the combined weight of 7 billion humans on the earth.

14. Did you know the global population has seen approximately 83 million growth annually?

Every year, our world population is getting a rise of 1.1% which is approximately 83 million. According to scientists, the world population might reach from 8 billion to 10 billion by the year 2025, and by 2100 we need three piles of the earth for the living of popularity. An enlarging population can cause many problems like food problems, water problems, economic crises, ecological crises, calamity circumstances, and many more.

15. Climate change can bring destruction in wealth and lead people to kill themselves!

It might seem shocking, but it’s true. If temperature grows by 3.7°C, it will cause severe property and wealth damages. Moreover, according to a study, in countries like the US, Mexico, 0.7% suicidal case has been roused when nature found a 1°C rise in temperature. The reports say, by 2050 the number of additional suicidal cases would be 9,000 to 40,000 as with the rise of temperature which will eventually lead to the economic curb.

16. Did you know only about 0.3%water is usable from the world’s water supply?

Only about 0.3% of the world’s water amount is usable by humans. The rest is 99.7% preserved in oceans, soils, floating in the atmosphere, ice caps, and so on. According to a report, it contains 97% and for now, 2% of water is in frozen form. Freshwater can be found underground as soil moisture.

17. Believe it or not but sleeping helps to burn calories

Research says it completely based on an individual’s metabolism. The food we consume, it gets converted to energy by the metabolism process. Which keeps our organs running. There is one more thing called basal metabolism rate that represents the rate of calories you burn at sedentary per day. That is sleeping or sitting. So, it’s not necessary to refrain from sleeping to burn calories.

18. Do you know no 1 trash producing country is the US?

The US produces near about 1,609 pounds per person trash per year. It is the world’s no 1 trash producing country. From this data, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the world’s 5% population generates 40% of the world’s wastage. Approximately 2 billion plastic razors, a million and a half-ton paper towels, and 12 billion disposable diapers are being cast away per year.

19. Do you know each time open the refrigerator, 30% cold air escapes?

Now, cold air’s density is higher than hot air. Now when you open the refrigerator, the heavier cold air escapes and comes to the lower part. Meanwhile, the hot air being lighter takes space through the upper part.

20. Do you know the world’s tallest tree is in California and the oldest trees are in the USA?

It is a coast redwood tree located in California known as the world’s tallest tree. The height measurement says it is more than 360 feet or 110 meters in height. Bristlecone pines are the world’s oldest trees found in the USA. These trees are 4,600 years old.

21. Did you know the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is more than the water of the combined river on the planet?

Water vapor is created with the process of evaporation. These are not clouds or fogs or mists, these are suspended particles of liquid water. It stays in gaseous form so it cannot be seen. The interesting facts about the environment are the amount of vapor is more in amount than the combined river water on the planet.

22. The ozone layer ‘hole’ can be healed fully by the next 55 years!

The ozone layer ‘hole’ is 29 million square kilometers. This is expected that the ‘hole’ will be healed completely by 55 years. The use of chlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbon has been banned worldwide. This major step concerning the environment has helped to save the earth from sooner destruction.

23. Can you believe animals can predict earthquakes?

Natural disasters like earthquakes are not predictable. But scientists say the interesting facts about the environment that the earthquake can be predicted by changing behaviors of animals. They added one can predict the earthquake by counting the missing cats’ number in local news.

24. Did you know automatic dishwashers use a lesser amount of water?

Automatic dishwashers take nearly 6 gallons of hot water per cycle, which is approximately 2,000 gallons per year. This amount of water is lesser than the actual amount of water one needs to wash dishes by hand.

25. India generates 5% of the total percentage of greenhouse gases in the world 

The report says 51% of the greenhouse gases come from livestock. This is the major cause of global warming. Rising temperature will punctuate the planet with an intense storm, flood, wide-ranging wildfires. Even with a rise of 2°C.

In this world, full of diversity we need sustainable development. Many interesting facts about the environment are still unknown and unexplored. Each day we forge something new, meet something different. Environmental development struggles to have space in the promulgation of the progressive world. So, coming out from impressionism, we need development that will sustain and leave a better world for the next generation.

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