Ten Ridiculous Things That Happen Only In India!

India is known for it’s rich diversity, culture and language, we are indeed in a nation that has surplus history and we also have a lot of hope for the future. However, some of the funniest things take place in the name of the same culture and tradition in this beautiful country! These are the things that only happen in India.

Lets shine on them in a humorous way, just take a look at how adventurous and funny we make our lives. We do have certain traditions that cannot be undone and the new generation has to step-up and deal with these practices. Here is a list of ten things that happen only in India:

1.Arranged Marriages

These are the most over-rated and the most recurring events in India. Marriage and that too an arranged one is usually not a good idea.  It is your decision to make YOUR own life choices for YOUR life-partner and does not require the involvement of a third person.

An arranged marriage is usually where you need to make a decision about your life partner within a span of two minutes over a cup of tea with the prospective bride or groom.

It is time for society to realize that they should not step all over their kids lives! You have to let them out of the cage so that they can fly and reach the stars!

2.Pompous Weddings

These weddings are called the Big fat Indian weddings and are an occasion to show off your wealth. The money spent on such weddings can be used to raise another nuclear family altogether!

This is probably one of the main reasons for female infanticide: the father thinks that his daughter is a burden as he needs to marry her off and spend his life earnings! It is time that we wrap these things up and focus on goodness and simplicity.

3.Personal Life is Never Personal

Everything that happens after the big–fat wedding is a free-show for relatives.

“No children? Make babies, I’ll give you some tips!’’

Such comments are shameless indeed and what is meant to be your personal life is never personal.

“Hey,I found your nose, it was in my business again”

4.The Jugaad

This word is used in Hindi and Punjabi and it represents our skills to cleverly deal with tricky situations. 

Forget knocking on the door, people need a doorbell and they create it in the most innovative ways possible!

Fear of drowning ? Huh, never me, I have back-up plans!

And so the list is endless, but seriously, we have come a long way with these kind of ‘jugaads’ and they do have their own charms.

5.The Indian Shakespeare’s

                      Yeah cut my children and I’ll make sure you rot in hell!!

The salons give you the best examples of the misspelled, misjudged sentences in India. When you read some of them, you either grimace or give out a sly laugh.

                                         Apostrophe my lady!! Apostrophe!

Such boards make it seem like the grammar rules are just not for us. There are also the flyers and banners with the impeccable use of English that sometimes make you roll over the floor laughing!

6.The Safety Tricks

Theft and robbery are paramount in a nation with a population of billions. We choose the most inventive ways to safeguard our important possessions.

Agreed! You love your car and your million rupees worth diamond studded slippers way too much!

Safety is not for sale and hence you need to do all the kung-fu tricks to keep your things safe. I wonder what the thief gains most of the time: a lock and chain? I ponder how he safe-guards his loots!

7.Maximum Usage of Roads

 Pavements.What are they?

Trespassers are prohibited on pavements. Well there might be a sure chance of accidents with the wobbling two-wheeler rider driving on the topsy-turvy cement pavements. Probably the roads are safer!

8.India Writes it’s Own Traffic Rules

Our roads are like a race-course. Despite having government rules and the police with their skills of trapping in-obedient drivers, they are never taken seriously. The above picture depicts how most of the youngsters look at the traffic signals.

It is probable that you get into accidents only when you follow the rules.

9.Sharing and Helping at Extremes

We are taught at birth to share or more accurately, to not let go of our space!

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

We have a funny side to us, especially when there is only a single vehicle to carry four of us around. We adjust in the most unimaginable ways possible, and helping out a friend in whatever way we can is always a priority.


These superstitions are insanely ridiculous: It is a tradition in some of India’s remote places that if the son is not getting married, he has to marry a dog, a monkey or even a donkey. This is done because the cupid gods are angry and hence the sons are married to pacify them. It is believed to be a way to find your soul-mate!Let it be the launching of a rocket or the first flight – we Indian’s are educated and we are a nation of scientists- however, we still wait for an auspicious time to launch our inventions!

Readers, all these events certainly happen only in INDIA. Have you got a few more such instances that happen in our country? The comments space is all yours.

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