Telepathy and the Future!

Telepathy and the Future! 7


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We’ve heard so many lores about twins being telepathic. But for those of us who are not fortunate enough to have an identical twin-y, how many times have we wished to be telepathic with someone?

Like that group dinner where you are eyeing your boyfriend to imply something wishing for that telepathic click. Or maybe when you went on that trip without your parent’s knowledge, and your friend is just about to unintentionally spill it. Or in exam hall when you wish you’d a telepathic connection with someone who would help you write that one difficult question (or the many easy ones! :P).  AND especially in viva exams, when you wish that you could just read the answer from the examiners mind and can come out smirking like the total stud you are! Such a win-win situation.

There are countless situations in which we desperately want telepathy to exist. The confluence of medical science and technology always creates something incredibly magnificent. So in future they might just grant us all with the brilliantness of telepathy!

According to scientists at the University of Washington, brain to brain communication via computers is a possibility. And no they are not going to cut your brain or place any sort of device inside it which is going to help generate signals or anything terrifying. In fact, they claim that it is a non-invasive technique which requires the user to wear an Electroencephalography (EEG) helmet as of now. The cap is connected to an EEG machine that records the electrical activity of the brain. Transmits it through a computer over the internet so that at the other end one could basically read the thoughts!

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University of Washington graduate student Jose Ceballos wears an electroencephalography (EEG) cap that records brain activity and sends a response to a second participant over the Internet. (Source: University of Washington)

The experiment performed by the researchers had 2 participants, one called the respondent and the other the inquirer. The inquirer asked a question and the respondent had to give a Yes-No type answer by focusing on LED lights which flash at different frequencies and was attached to the monitor.

This is the most complex brain-to-brain experiment, I think, that’s been done to date in humans,” said the primary researcher, Andrea Stocco, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Washington.

“It uses conscious experiences through signals that are experienced visually, and it requires two people to collaborate,” Stocco said.


Telepathy and the Future! 10
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A similar study had been carried out in 2014 at The Harvard Medical school by Dr. Carles Grau and his team. The significant difference between the two experiments is that the distance between the two participants was one mile in the case of the University of Washington. But in the case of the Harvard study, one participant was in India and the other in France. Woah! I know right.

Although a tedious process now, with further innovations and modification they might succeed to make us globally telepathic. And then we would quite literally have our minds blown. I, honestly, cannot wait for that “dream come true” day to arrive. But I’m pretty sure like all other things, this one would have its own fair share of cons too.

Do let us know WHY you would NOT want to be telepathic!!

What do you think?

Written by Anandita Pattnaik


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