Ways People Procrastinate procastinate

Ways People Procrastinate

Let’s admit it, most of us procrastinate. It’s almost like we are used to not doing our work on time. We need to waste at least a few hours doing useless crap before finally starting the work. Maybe, we just...
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Dawn : A Short Story dawn

Dawn : A Short Story

He stood there staring into the oblivion. The heat was intolerable. The road below was chaotic. The man in a red car kept honking incessantly. It was some thirty minutes past six, and it was beginning to get dark. With...
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10 Reasons Why Rock Musicians Are Different From Others Rock

10 Reasons Why Rock Musicians Are Different From Others

One thing that I have always been writing upon for ICY TALES, is ‘music’ or I would say it has been more about ‘guitar’ and its ‘technicalities’. This time, I am putting out my idea of writing on people who...
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Indian Sarees – 6 Yards Of Elegance! sarees

Indian Sarees – 6 Yards Of Elegance!

It is well said that ‘Nothing makes a woman look more beautiful than a sari does.’ Well, this is one fact every Indian, man or woman, would agree to. The Indian attire is renowned throughout the world, for its ethnic beauty,...
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Work Etiquette Work Etiquette

Work Etiquette

Work! work ! Its hilarious how many kinds of different feelings revolve around this one word. Few consider it as living hell, few as a passion. Some worship their work along with their bosses too 😛 So once we are...
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