Book Review: Palace Of Illusions panchaali

Book Review: Palace Of Illusions

Palace Of Illusions, the bestselling novel by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, is a fictional take on the Hindu epic ‘Mahabharata’ through the eyes of the female protagonist – Panchaali. The novel is written in first person, giving Panchaali’s own thoughts on...
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For Someone Else. for someone else...

For Someone Else.

I am a woman. A breathing human being who was adored by generations as a mother, a goddess and so on. But I am a wretched creature whose name was struck off from the rulebooks of men. I have been...
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The Warrior Princess princess

The Warrior Princess

She’s not an angel from bible She’s not a princess from fantasy She’s not a warrior from history But she’s a warrior princess of today. She’s not in any famous war Yet she fought the infamous deadly war She fought against...
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A Woman’s Worth woman

A Woman’s Worth

A woman’s worth, irrespective of what she is or has done in life there’s no need to feel embarrassed cause no human’s perfect and everyone is bound to make mistakes. Woman are marred by the society from birth. We have...
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Dreams and Passion of a Woman Dreams and Passion of a Woman

Dreams and Passion of a Woman

A DREAM – A dream is not what we see with closed eyes rather its what we see with open eyes . Its that what we want to conquer , to achieve in our life . Recently I happened to...
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