We All Need Art In Our Lives art

We All Need Art In Our Lives

My blissful childhood was spent exploring everything that my young self could get her hands on. There isn’t really any form of extracurricular activity and hobby left that I haven’t explored in school. Having tried out dancing, Indian Classical singing,...
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Spoken Word Art poetry

Spoken Word Art

Poetry, a bomb_packed_shell of emotions, weaved so precisely, carved with crystal clearness. Poems are like tightly knit feelings for rummaging the finest corners of our souls inside mere verses of letters, phrases and annotations. Poetry is capable of fine tu...
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Poetry: Mandatory Happiness mandatory

Poetry: Mandatory Happiness

A poem about life under the thumb of a dictator; inspired by reports of recent developments in North Korea, and of life inside one of the most isolated nations in the world. The procession marches, a perfect line, Soldiers dressed...
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Poetry: Martyrs of a Holy War war

Poetry: Martyrs of a Holy War

“Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters.” – TV Tropes Wiki All wars seem noble to those who fight them, and both sides see themselves as the heroes. History, sometimes, is the best judge of the justice of war, and of the many injustices...
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Gaze: A Poem gaze

Gaze: A Poem

A tale of love, lies, jealousy and loss as seen through the eyes of a disillusioned lover. Vast as oceans seemed the span Of distance that between us ran; Though mere inches did separate, One look assures, a glance betrays....
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Poetry: The Bright Young Things young

Poetry: The Bright Young Things

A poem about the arrogance of youth, the vitality and the certainty that the world is ours for the taking, if only we could burn bright enough! Livewire, raging fire, Sparks flying everywhere; Come burn in the flames of caustic...
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Poetry: Dollhouse dollhouse

Poetry: Dollhouse

A story of lives lived in the shadows of the spotlight, frittered away in a haze of harsh lighting and loud music until what remains is just a broken shell of the original.   Dazzling lights in rainbow hues, Music soft,...
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Poetry: O Thou Modus Vivendi vivendi

Poetry: O Thou Modus Vivendi

The poem deals with the issue of money. Money in this poem is likened to a stranger who is characterized with the nature of travelling from one place to another. Money being so sweet has done good as well as...
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I Ask Why? why?

I Ask Why?

I ask Why?, A poem about love and separation.  I was unwanted by you, who were supposed to love me. You left me. I ask why? All alone among the eagles, Just a little bird, unable to fly. Land bound, I...
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Poem: Disregarded Palms disregarded palms

Poem: Disregarded Palms

India is no stranger to poverty. Despite remarkable strides made in our journey to development, there still remains a lot more to be achieved. Humanity and kindness can go a long way to brighten a poor soul’s life. So instead...
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