4 Super Hot Trends Of 2017 ! trends

4 Super Hot Trends Of 2017 !

  You must think that this so-called ‘trend’ is something which just comes and goes with every passing year, where all the designers and brands come up with cutting-edge designs. But, try to recall the last time when you flipped...
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Fest In The City : Polaris! fest

Fest In The City : Polaris!

A college fest is that time of the year which students eagerly wait for. Friends become team members, classrooms become meeting venues and pocket money becomes funds for the fest. This article talks about one such fest of the Wilson...
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GST: The Aftermath GST

GST: The Aftermath

    Narendra Modi, the pioneer of the era of GST introduced a system which is proclaimed to be the biggest monetary reform in India. This economic revolution in India has set tongues wagging across media. BUT, amidst the commotion...
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Top 10 Predictions For 2017 predictions

Top 10 Predictions For 2017

It has just been a week since the new year arrived, paving the way for new beginnings, new trends, new occurrences in every field. We cannot foresee them for sure- we can only look to predictions made, and consider the...
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