Stunned Days: Mark Zuckerberg Visits IIT Delhi

If you’re still living under a rock, let me tell you what this post is about. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has visited “Taj Mahal” (not the hotel, doofus! The monument) and is apparently stunned by the beauty of it.

Mark Zuckerberg Visits IIT Delhi

Now is the time for a little irony! We Indians have always been stunned by these individuals and they have been stunned by our places and their breathtaking beauty. So yeah! The IIT Delhi peeps are going berserk at their once in a lifetime opportunity of meeting MARK ZUCKERBERG (okay, let’s face it! They’re from IIT. But not all 900 of them are getting hired by Facebook). So yeah, he’s visiting and he’s stunned and the students who’re lucky enough to fit in the town hall are stunned; the ones who, indeed, lost by sheer luck are stunned and of course, how can we forget, the media is stunned because Facebook very rarely invites media’s attention for such things. But it is, and we’re jealous. Not stunned, jealous.


Now let’s take a bit of a recap here and more to the fact that Mark Zuckerberg visits IIT Delhi. A few weeks back our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had flied off to the US to meet Mr. CEO of Facebook and both of them had a long conversation which was both emotional, and ummm… intellectual? Business like? VIP like? Yes! So, our Prime Minister had revealed about his past and his mother, about the importance of women in the future of his country, any country at that, and how much of hard work has it taken to be where he is today.

So, what’s the thing with Mark Zuckerberg visits IIT Delhi? Our CEO’s version was no less interesting. His doubts about his social networking site, his conversation with the late Apple founder and CEO (Steve Jobs, because you came to know about Wozniak after watching Jobs, and also, he’s not dead), and his spiritual journey to India to understand how connecting with people was important and how his work needs to make sure that happens every single day at his organization.


Now let’s get to the real point of their conversation instead of Mark Zuckerberg visits IIT Delhi. It was about the role of technology and internet in India. About how India, especially the rural part of it needs to be made familiar with the technologies, providing them the basic internet facilities for their betterment, Facebook’s support of Digital India, and yes,

Mark Zuckerberg Visits IIT Delhi

The Q&A session seems to be pointing exactly in the direction Facebook has been planning for months. Their ideas for the country, as India seemingly uses Facebook second most and is an enormous platform for the organization’s new ventures. The IIT Delhi students have literally been picked up with the help of a lottery.

Everything is being conducted by the team of Facebook. It is said that there are hardly any banners in the campus regarding these, and still the campus seems to be abuzz with it. The session, as covered by most of the Indian dailies, will involve a 15-minute monologue by our CEO followed by an hour long session of answering the questions raised by the students. It is pretty obvious that sheer luck will play a big factor here too.

So that’s it. That’s all about his visit for now and you can have your imaginations running wild about what it might or might not mean as I choose not to have a say about this. Actually I do, but I choose not to voice it because “My choice”.



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-Apurva Jain

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