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Stratolaunch Plane-2016 To Launch Better!

Future Plane-Stratolaunch Plane

The world’s largest plane that can launch satellites is being readied for its first flight in 2016. The aircraft ‘Stratolaunch Carrier’ has been under construction for quite some time and the designers at Mojave Air and Spaceport, California have joined forces to prepare its launch by 2016.

The Plane Will Be Used For Launching Satellites- Stratolaunch Plane

The aircraft is big enough tot to take astronauts into the Earth’s orbit. The wingspan is a massive 385 feet, and it is about 24 feet taller than the average football pitch. The plane is powered by six engines of the 747 variant. The aircraft will be used for launching satellites that will be used to orbit the Earth at up to 1,200 miles above the Earth. The people who have been working on the plane have mentioned that the plane will make it quite easy for shuttle launches from the aircraft at 30,000 ft.

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