Poem: Even Moon Needs Darkness To Shine

Poem: Even Moon Needs Darkness To Shine

Moon Shine From light to dark long distance had she travelled Darkness engulfed her darkness devoured her It became her new home it became her new doom There was chaos there was peace but imbalanced Suffocated and dreary tried to...
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20 Magical Urdu Words You Should Use More Often urdu

20 Magical Urdu Words You Should Use More Often

Urdu is rightfully regarded as one of the most beautiful languages that exist. The refined words, phrases and exquisite Shayaris are some of the amazing features of the language. In fact, we all were moved by Saba’s Urdu Shayaris in...
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The Opaque Veil opaque veil

The Opaque Veil

Are money and power all that we need? Is revenge the be-all and end-all of our goals? Does being in an authoritative position guarantee happiness? Here’s a poem that explores what lies beyond the opaque veil of power and money....
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An Apology From Death Death

An Apology From Death

Dear Everyone, I am here to apologize, For every time I’ve made you cry. For every time, You’ve lost someone you loved Because of me. I want to say sorry to that little boy Who lives down the road In...
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The Last Day Life

The Last Day

That day I remember so well The matters had become far more serious, For her to forgive you again. You were screaming and shouting, You had lost control. She was crying recklessly, She hadn’t seen this coming before. And I...
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Battle of My Heart Against My Mind was

Battle of My Heart Against My Mind

It’s a story encompassing many stories of regret, fight, loss, death and life. In life, we have to make choices at every stage and we often find ourselves in a dilemma. Our hearts and minds are in a constant battle...
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Twilight twilight


Life, in its million little ways, offers us a new perspective on itself every day. With each lesson, we grow, we learn and we change. But perhaps the most cruel thing life does is that it gives us happiness, a...
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Poetry: Mandatory Happiness mandatory

Poetry: Mandatory Happiness

A poem about life under the thumb of a dictator; inspired by reports of recent developments in North Korea, and of life inside one of the most isolated nations in the world. The procession marches, a perfect line, Soldiers dressed...
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Poetry: Martyrs of a Holy War war

Poetry: Martyrs of a Holy War

“Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters.” – TV Tropes Wiki All wars seem noble to those who fight them, and both sides see themselves as the heroes. History, sometimes, is the best judge of the justice of war, and of the many injustices...
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Gaze: A Poem gaze

Gaze: A Poem

A tale of love, lies, jealousy and loss as seen through the eyes of a disillusioned lover. Vast as oceans seemed the span Of distance that between us ran; Though mere inches did separate, One look assures, a glance betrays....
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