Steps To Follow For Opening an Account in Gclubslot

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Royal gclubslot is a part of glub casino which is the leading platform of online gambling. If you are interested in online gambling then you surely heard the name of royal gclubslot. To participate in their betting games you successfully find the link of gclubslot from the official website of glub casino.

Now you need to follow some steps to participate in the games of gclubslot. It is mandatory to know the process about their membership’s steps. First, to play the games of gclubslot you have to be a member of royal gclub otherwise you cannot play the games of gclubslot. It has many interesting betting games. If you want to know about the registration process then in this article we have discussed each step in details.

How to open a new account on gclubslot

By following these simple steps you can easily open an account in gclub then for gclubslot you need to install the app from gclubslot website.

At first for the registration process, you need to visit the official. Then you can see their helpline number at the right corner of the website or you can go to contact section to get the number of gclub call centre or you also can contact them trough line, you also can find their line id in gclubslot website.

Note down the number and dial this in your phone’s dialer. Make a call, their employees will receive your call and ask for some information about you like your name, bank account number for verification. Then they will send you their bank account number. You have to make a bank transfer of minimum 1000 baht to their bank account. Be careful you need to transfer money from the bank account you mention them in your phone call otherwise they cannot verify your identity. Remember that you need to transfer money infraction like 1005 or 5005.50

Next procedure

After transferring money customer support team of gclubslot will send your user name and password through SMS within 10-15 minutes from your money transfer. Then you need to call them again or you can contact them through Line. For payment confirmation they will ask you some details like your username, the amount transferred, the name of the account holder, the channel of bank transfer, transfer time. After some time you can log into their site and can see that your credit is increased by your transferred money.

Steps to follow

To play games through gclubslot you need to follow more steps, these steps are mentioned below

  • Go to the site of gclubslot through this link
  • Download any gclubslot in your computer, and then go to the download section of your computer click on the file.
  • Install gclubTg set-up, wait for the installation process.
  • Finish the installation process, in your computer, you can see gclubTg icon. Click on the icon and open that.
  • In reception, you need to enter your username and password which you got through SMS.
  • Your installation is finished then, then play online slot games, at home you can find many slots games.

You can also play slot games through their mobile app after the subscription process.


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