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Soul Track : Part -2 Seven Unknown Musicians/ Music Bands You Should Start Listening To

Soul Track : Part -2 Seven Unknown Musicians/ Music Bands You Should Start Listening To 4

Welcome to Soul track version 2.0, and here I would like to introduce to you some of the unknown or mildly famous singers or music bands, yet unfamiliar to the world.They are highly talented and passionate about what they do and have gathered a bit of an audience in their music career but, they deserve more applause for their work.  So let’s increase their fan base guys because they really deserve it.

So start reading, and start playing.

7.José González


If you have seen the movie “Secret life of Walter Mitty” by Ben Stiller then you would have probably downloaded its mesmerizing soundtrack too.Most of the jiggles and the songs were written by this Swedish indie folk musician. Just with his acoustic guitar and soft voice he introduced to us a brand new form of folk music. Now with 3 albums and countless EP'( EXTENDED PLAYS ), he is reforming the music platform.



Aurora aka Aurora Aksnes is just 19 years old, but she is screaming her way through the music industry with her take on electronic and pop music.Her single ” running with the wolves” became an instant chartbuster on the radio and now her other hit  “Murder song” has been selected to the official FIFA ’16 track-list.She is currently working on her debut album ‘Winter Bird ‘ is coming out next year. Till then listen to this single.

5. Daughter


Daughter is a three-member English indie folk band. Its first  music album ” if you leave” was released on the year 2013,  turned out to be one of the best music albums of that year. Emotionally drenching and yet wildly captivating, their music stirred the UK charts and singles were featured in most of the American television dramas. Their best song still remains to be “Youth”.

4. Wye Oak


A two-member American indie rock band which captured the spotlight of the industry by a single song called ‘ civilian ‘. Before that, they released several singles and EP’s which only gathered mild success. But now with the release of civilian and other albums, they are slowly making their way up to the charts. check this out.

3.Wild Cub

wild cub

Wild Cub is an indie rock band which is truly underrated for its quality of music they produce. Their sounds match up to the heights of IMAGINE DRAGONS and ONE REPUBLIC. They wrote music for a lot of movies too. But they remained unlucky till one day BOSE used their song ‘ thunder clatter ‘ for their commercial.Add them to their playlist. you won’t regret it.

 2.Brian Eno

brian eno

Brian Eno is a very seasoned music composer, arranger and producer who has had his hands over everything. Starting from techno to electro music. He even invented an original music format called ‘ ambient music ‘ which is now the baseline for all the D.J ‘s and music composers of this generation.He also composed the  six-second start -up sound for Microsoft’s Windows ’95. His music remains unparalleled till today.




Echosmith is more than just a band, they are a family. yes, a band composed of four siblings with their dad as their manager. they are still in their peerages but made waves with their indie rock tracks which initially were just covers of songs by other artists like Ellie Guolding, Coldplay etc.  they now have four rocking albums and a great collection of EP’s & singles to their name. The song which made them ultra famous was titled ‘COOL KIDS’, and followed it by songs ” come with me ‘ and ” come together ”  which also went to get applause in the industry.

I hope these artists will expand your playlist more. do watch this space know more about music and movies.







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