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SOUL TRACK -A Countdown To Hollywood’s Greatest Music Composers.

SOUL TRACK -A Countdown To Hollywood's Greatest Music Composers. 4

The word goosebumps will be meaningless if a movie doesn’t have a captivating soundtrack.From the advent of modern cinema sound and camera  have worked together to entangle audience into a stellar experience inside a theater for its running time. Its a fine example of how one art form completes the other.

 Here I intend to shine some light on those passionate Music Composers who sweat endlessly to bring out the best tunes for their reels.

So here we go ..


8.Junkie XL 


Okay first of all that’s not his real name . Junkie XL aka Tom Holkenborg is a very seasoned DJ who has now crossed realms to become a Music composer and right now everyone needs him and  his DJ box. he began his career by remixing tracks of other popular artists and now he has scored some Epic tracks for Mad max : Fury Road, Divergent ,  and 300: rise of the empire. now he is a very very busy man writing music for Deadpool , Batman vs superman : DAWN OF JUSTICE and Black mass to name a few . so lets not disturb him , lets disturb ourselves by listening to this very disturbing but awesome track .


7. Ramin Djawadi


Meet the Amit trivedi of Hollywood .young ,talented and his music scores are just enticing.  in his short career he has spawned tracks for both television and movies. it includes Person of Interest , Ironman, Pacific Rim and of course everyone’s favorite Game Of Thrones.


6.Danny Elfman


If you are a 90’s kid then you might have probably watched the classic animated series BATMAN. It was pure greatness and introduced us to the cape crusader. the most remembered thing about the show was its theme music .It became so popular that TIM Burton invited him to score for  the live action adaptation of it . Now an Elfman score is a compulsory element in most Burton movies.



5. Michael Giacchino


A legend in making. This guy is probably known as the REBOOT master. He has  re-imagined tracks for JURASSIC WORLD , MISSION IMPOSSIBLE : GHOST PROTOCOL , and STAR TREK.Often collaborates with J.J Abrams.His original pieces are just as great as the reboots.Check this one out for example.



 4. Alan Silvestri


Two time Oscar nominee and Prime time Emmy winner Alan silvestri  is a Hollywood household name.Remember that opening scene of FOREST GUMP , a feather making its way to Tom Hanks while the opening credits  roll in. that piece is enough to make this guy a legend. Often collaborates with Hollywood’s visual magician Robert Zemeckis.




3.James Horner


“Every night in my dream i see you..” Celine Dion ???  Titanic ? how many times have you heard that !! that was this guy’s masterpiece. TITANIC can never be complete without its majestic score. often collaborates with James Cameron. Too bad he passed away this year in a harrowing plane crash , but still his music remains immortal.


 2.Hans Zimmer


My personal favorite and a revelation to Hollywood’s music fraternity. He has an impressive track record starting from Lion King to recent sci fi epic Interstellar and currently composing for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN : DAWN OF JUSTICE . and also he composes  music for video games too. CALL OF DUTY : MODERN WARFARE would never be the same with out him. often collaborates with Christopher Nolan.your ears would now be familiar with  the sounds of INCEPTION & DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY so let me share something which i hope you have not heard for a while.


1.John Williams


If there was an Olympics for music composers then John Williams would win gold medals in every event. A musical genius who had made path breaking soundtracks for Hollywood blockbusters and won 5 Oscars for it. star wars, Jurassic park , E.T name it he has done it. often collaborates with  movie moughals Steven Spielberg  & George Lucas. well where can i start ..listen to this one, i hope this reminds you of your childhood cinematic experience …wait you have watched JURASSIC PARK at theaters right ??



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