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Some Not-So-Common Indian Names and their Meanings!

Names. What are they? Well, pretty much everyone will agree that a name is just a word used permanently to call another person (and no, this is a light-hearted article so we are not going into the spiritual meaning and all stuff like that, for god’s sake). We all have one name (oh! you have more than one?) Well, no offence but I am only talking about official names and not the pet ones like Pappu, Bablu, Golu, etc.

But what to say? Because sometimes people have those as official ones too. Argh..let’s move on. Now, just for fun, imagine a world where this system wasn’t in effect. Everyone will be like “psst, oye, oh bhaai, arrey sun, hello, excuse me, oh yaar, abbey, aye”, etc. When you think more and more about it, it becomes hilarious as well as confusing. There will be so much complexity, ambiguity, perplexity and what not? Who knows one day you are approaching your destination on one fine, sunny day and someone calls you from behind. Wait! How am I supposed to know that they are calling only me? Well that’s where begins! Everyday life would be a mess and hell, social media… I mean what will the help centres even do? Give unique codes to people? I don’t know. Maybe people will develop another (better) system for differentiating people but well, that’s a topic for some other day.

For now, let’s be thankful for what we have and see. Here I’m listing out some of the beautiful and uncommon names that most of us don’t usually hear:

Names for Girls:

  • Chitralekha: This means something as beautiful as a picture (which is also beautiful too, of course.)
  • Chayanika: It means the chosen one or in Assamese, a collection of poems.
  • Asmat: This stands for chastity or honor.
  • Shyamoli: Something that has been derived from Shyama.
  • Sudipta: It literally means bright, radiant and energetic.
  • Sarmishtha: It represents beauty and intellligence, someone who is spiritually intense.
  • Pahi: It is petal of a flower.
  • Snigdha: It stands for anything smooth, soft or tender.
  • Trishna: It means aspirations, desires or simply put, thirst.
  • Arshiya: Divine or heavenly; something or someone who descends from a throne.


Names for Boys:

  • Abhigyan: Recollection or recognition of an old memory.
  • Mriganka: It is the synonym of Moon.
  • Niruj: It means healthy and free from diseases.
  • Madhurjya: It generally stands for someone who is charismatic, inspiring and creative.
  • Ritvik: It literally means a priest or seasonal sacrificer.
  • Aviral: It is something which is continuous or ongoing.
  • Zeeshan: Someone who belongs to a standard of high-status.
  • Kaustubh: A divine jewel which is in possession of Lord Vishnu.
  • Akshat: This means something which is unharmed and indestructible.
  • Pradyut: It stands for light and illumination.


This concludes the list for this article. There are plenty of other such beautiful people with beautiful names out there you just have to have a good eye! And a Facebook account maybe…and if you are really in search of some more, well, then, start off with me!

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