Classroom Games: 6 Amazing Games You’ll Never Forget!


What are some of the classroom games one can never forget? No matter how old we get with every passing year, but the pages of history are to be ruffled. There is a treasure full of memories leading us back to our golden childhood days, with the childhood games we played, be it during adolescence or the messed-up teen years. A curve is sure to light up your face!

Here’s a list of the childhood games that we played back then. Let’s backtrack to the olden days that only a 90’s kid will know very well.

1. Name Place Animal Thing was one of the best Classroom Games ever

Is there any person on earth who doesn’t know of or hasn’t played this game? It is still a favorite amongst many as it improvises your word power and knowledge.

So let us take a ride back into this favorite classroom games, with a smile adorning our faces. Aren’t flashes of your childhood friends appearing in front of your eyes? The giggles, the rants, the fights.. everything, right? So do you want to remember how it was played while your brain is jammed with work and work and more of it?

This is how you play!

childhood games

1. So let’s consider three people playing. (However, any number of people can play the game)

2. Let’s say Jack says start and Jill will then recite the alphabets in her mind.

3. Jack will abruptly gesture Jill to stop and the letter that she stops at is chosen.

4. Everybody has to come up with the name of a name, place, animal, and thing starting from the chosen letter say “L”.

And the game continues and marks are allotted for the answers and the kid with the highest point wins hurrah. It was one of the best classroom games in India.

2. Bingo was another favorite Classroom Games

If you have played this classroom game then BINGO, you had had an amazing childhood.

-25 is the magic number in this game.

-You need to draw a box of 5×5 and fill it up with the numbers starting from 1 to 25 in any random order that you want, even your competitor does the same.

-No one will peek into others’ choices of arrangement.

childhood games

-Jack will start with a number say 2, both him and Jill will strike that off from their respective boards. The chance passes onto Jill and she will proclaim a different number. If the striking is complete for one row, or a column or even diagonally, then you strike the letter B from Bingo.

-The one who has completed the striking BINGO will be declared as the winner of the game. This was one of the best classroom games and that’s how most of us spent boring lectures!

3. Paper Chip-Chops!

Do you remember this childhood game…well it was also called “color, color, which color do you choose”.childhood games

We used to pretend to be astrologers back then with the craziest ideas of turning a paper with a dash of origami into a sure way of predicting futures! We had to insert our fingers into the origami creation of ours while personal secret messages would be written under the folds of the paper! We have your future in our hands. Didn’t you enjoy every moment of it?

4. Truth or Dare

This is the one classroom games that never goes out of style. Your gang of friends insists that you play this every other day, daring you to do crazy, humiliating stuff or making you speak the truth about crazy humiliating stuff that you have done!

For example, Our college gang decided to have a get-together after five long years, and somewhere in-between the introductory phase and ice-breaking session, truth or dare knocked on the door.

childhood games

We had booked a table in the hotel and a few tables away, there was a birthday party going on. The birthday girl was barely six years old and all the relatives showered her with exotic gifts. Amidst the celebration, there was one person who had come to this party in his shorts, with ruffled hair; he was technically wearing his ‘just out of bed’ attire and I was dared to go and advise him about the wardrobe dysfunction.

Well, embarrassing as it was, I had to complete the dare and face the fear of being bullied and humiliated in front of the crowd. It was his wardrobe, his clothes and I didn’t have a say in it…that however is the plight of truth and dare! You must have experienced the same. Moving on to the glorious olden days!


Remember how FLAMES was one of the best classroom games? Let me explain for those who don’t:childhood games

F is for Friend

L is for Love

A is for Affection

M is for Marriage

E is for Enemies

S is for Sex or Sweetheart

We have all played this classroom games back in the olden days. It was the name game: you would write down your name along with the name of your crush and start to strike off the repeated letters in both the names. Next came in the number and after a few calculations it would end up on one of the above-mentioned alphabets. You would give out a coy smile for whatever the result while hiding it under the tables during lectures from our poor unsuspecting teachers.

6. Love Score

This is an extension of FLAMES and it has a bit more of calculations and percentages. This classroom game would give you the percentage of love that exists between you and your crush!


So did you enjoy the journey in the time machine to the olden days? Are your palms aching to play these games AGAIN, to feel carefree and downright stupid? These games relax you. Go on! nobody is stopping you. The childhood that you have experienced with lesser gadgets, lesser of a virtual world, and more friends with more classroom games were truly amazing. Be proud of it:)

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