Poem: Silently Suffering.Only For You..


Smile faked but only to see you smiling,
Tears hidden but only for your happiness,
Lips silent but only to hear you,
Deep love but only for you,
Intense hugs but only to feel the warmth between us,
Unsaid feelings but only to relieve you,
Silently Suffering…

image you

Always standing by your side, holding your hand but only to tell you that I am with you…
But for how long and how far can I?
If you abandon me..
If you leave me all alone..
If you decide not to be with me..
If you change your priorities..
If you make someone else more important than me..
Then for how long and how far can I?

image you

All I am left is with our memories,
All I am left is with your words and the of love you once had for me,
Now loneliness is my shelter,
Your memories are my food,
And the sufferings are my clothes..

silently suffering for you you

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