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Tips and Tricks To Overcome Stage-Fright!

Tips and Tricks To Overcome Stage-Fright! 4

“You are the lodestone, the stage being yours, the audience being yours. There is a whisper in your heart that grows louder, that of immense fear, fear of passing out. In comes your brave shade of courage making your eyes sparkle, smiling, you rule the stage shadowing your Stage Fright!”

Stage-fright is something that we all face, let’s gracefully admit it. The people who seem confident on stage are those who know how to tackle that fear without freaking out.

So lets come to the basic phase of your life where stage plays an important role: The student life. So you have curricular activities, the teacher finds your silence amusing and you are called upon the stage to speak. stage-fear;law of attraction

It might be the presentations in your degree college or may also be the office events along with your colleagues. At all these places you are often greeted by an irritating friend, Stage Fear!

At times like these when you are nervous, sweaty, shy and most importantly FREAKING OUT…you need to calm yourself down! So let me tell you what really works. This has been experimented and advised by the amazing author, Rhonda Bryne himself.

1.Stage Fear and Law of Attraction

So, do you believe in gravity?

Obviously, you do!

Then you will agree to the point that it doesn’t matter if you are a good person or not, if you stumble from the 10th floor of a building, then you are bound to die.

law of attraction

So it doesn’t matter whether you are good on stage or not, all you need to do is to believe that you can rock the stage.

You might ask, ‘How So?’

Just believe in yourself, think happy thoughts, and think of these magical powerful sentences.

“I can do this and I am going to be amazing at it” instead of “What if something goes wrong?” With the latter sentence, you are attracting negative energy from the universe which will resonate with your thoughts and create such a circumstance where you will find yourself stumbling, stuttering and giving out a rather negative vibe to your audience.

2.Take a Deep Breath

So, take a deep breath, close your eyes for a few seconds before going up there. No one is going to kill you, yes they can hoot at you, but that’s the maximum that they are capable of.

Instead, be glad that you are up on stage, taking the courage to face the crowd while most of them won’t even consider doing the same. So pat yourself on your back, you are one confident human.

3.Know Your Audience

If the crowd before you are your peers, you need to connect with them. This is, in-fact, the first rule in any kind of public speaking.

audWhen you go blank on stage, don’t fumble. Instead, tell them right out that you are blank, pause, give out a laugh and continue by praising the audience for actually sitting there to hear you out. Remember this is only for people you know, the crowd that you are completely mingled with in an informal environment.

For the unknown diplomatic crowd, go with the pause, the smile and of-course (for all cases): be prepared with a few points. Know your slides well and try to animate your audience not your slides. It should be more of the comfort zone that you create rather than the information that you render.

4.Let Your Thoughts And Feelings Flow

Now if it is a general topic and you are on stage, remind yourself to feel relaxed. Make sure you don’t get crushed under the pressure of other’s criticism and you feel at home. That is exactly how you must feel when you are on stage, even though you know that the whole crowd isn’t your best friend.

flow of thoughts

Then go on with the flow, speak out your mind. Trust me, you will eventually realize that being yourself and not being biased is the greatest gift; and being able to convey that awesomeness to others is an even greater gift. Time to bid adieu to stage-fear.

5.Where To Look At

For people who are generally silent or shy, making eye contact is a phobia. There are two ways to deal with this.

look at, audience,freaking out

1.Place your friends separately at different columns amidst the crowd, so that when you look at each of your friends, the audience will get an impression that you are concentrating on everybody present.

2.Select a few positive people who wouldn’t dare to sulk or discourage you, either look at them or their foreheads (better) and let the thoughts flow.

6.Worry About Something Greater

Yes, this trick usually works wonders. If you are a person scared to death on stage, then think about the topic you are speaking on. Connect to the adversities of the topic, discuss them with your audience, make sure you have a greater aim of reaching out to people with the information that you have rather than worrying about what will happen if something goes wrong.

Always end it on a positive note and try to question the crowd. Leave that presence of you, lingering on the stage for a little more time and always smile! That curve can set a lot of things straight.

Brunda Rajesh

Written by Brunda Rajesh

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She works as a freelance content writer, a poetess and weaves a few stories too.
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