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Shades Of The ‘Sacred’ Knot

Shades Of The ‘Sacred’ Knot 4

“Happiness in marriage is entirely by chance,” Jane Austen. If not for all, this holds true for most marriages in India. Read on to see the poet’s interpretation in a beautiful combination of rhyme and meter.

poetryA solemn beginning they had said,
Fragile start it portrayed;

With every step she takes,
Reminds her of the mistakes;

The old poor father defrayed,
Her fate, at last betrayed;

The mother’s jewellery sold,
Her story is yet to be told;

‘Husband’- she called him,
Inside she knew that was pure grim;

She was nothing but a slave,
Her corpse to be taken to the grave;

Scratches. Bruises. Contusions. Within,
Perhaps, answer to her past life’s sin;

Wonders her mind, to the thoughts – endless,
She wished only if her LIFE wasn’t a mess;

Solitude she seeks, to redeem her Individuality,
Trying to find out the situation’s rationality;

But, continues her Story,
With a hope to find answers to her tedious quarry.


Written by icytales

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