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5 Secrets to Full-Time Travelling: Experts’ Say!

5 Secrets to Full-Time Travelling: Experts’ Say! 4

Everyone in this world has got a little traveller within themselves. One who is ready to unleash at the sound of adventure. However, the ever so worrisome character of the everyday runway prevents that from happening, and in most instances the little traveller departs, leaving only traces of its unfulfilled desires.

The primary reason this happens is, of course, the ‘mai-baap’ of all frets – MONEY! (Yeah, go on, nod frantically)

But worry not because here you will find the solution to all those inhibitions, right from the handbooks of travel experts and enthusiasts. (Say WHAAAT!!)

That’s right, the people who have ‘been there, done that’.

So let’s go ahead burst those misconceptions and gather that courage!



1. Plan Far Ahead

Before you quit your job or whatever it is that you are doing, make a full-fledged travel plan of all the places you would like to visit. Learn the language and get some basic ideas about the way of life in those places. You need to be mentally prepared to offer your help to people in return for meagre accommodation. And most importantly create a secure and stable outlook before setting your foot out.


2. Doesn’t Matter If You Are Not From a Developed Country

It is always hard for people living in developing and under-developed countries to choose to travel as a vocation, over the more conventional ones, due to the fear of unknown legal functioning in different countries.


However, traveller Aileen Adalid says that all will be well until you travel to the countries where you may enter visa-free, and keep a record of all your stays. That’s enough proof that you won’t be a threat to the countries pre-requiring a visa.

3. Brush Up Those Skills

Make a list of what all you are good at and work on them. A lot of people travel all over the world simply by teaching Yoga or English in different countries. Your dexterity in a field, no matter what it is, can take you a long way, helping you survive while pursuing various destinations.


4. Bond With Fellow Travellers

As Ying, a Malaysian traveller oh-so-wisely says, when on the road, waste no time in familiarising with others like you. These people can prove to be indispensable when it comes to getting accommodations and invaluable lessons from their own struggles in keeping their passion alive.


5. Make Use of Technology

In the digital era, it is important that we leave no virtual stones unturned. Adalid points out how doing thorough research and reaching out to people over the internet can make your journey assuage. By establishing contacts, you can partner with online businesses and work for them from wherever you are. If not that, then you can simply start your own travel blog and be paid for writing about your unique adventures!


So get up, look for cheap flights and pack your bags!

Be the master of your world and indulge in everything that is Crazy, Dangerous and Unknown.

Travel, lose yourself and find ‘YOURSELF’.

Let nothing stop you from feeding that ready traveller in you.

*Happy Travelling*


“Travelling is the best investment one can make.”

Radhika Sharma

Written by Radhika Sharma

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