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Our INDIAN preamble says :

“We the people of INDIA……………………

…………and to secure all its citizens……….


We are trying to get Equality in terms of  Status but equality in terms of opportunity is being suppressed for some sections of society, to be precise that’s not sections which get affected  that is the individual who is affected by Reservation; she can improve ,if she has or else she is deprived …. 

Is for this EQUALITY , our ancestors  fought for hundred’s of Years ??

Is it necessary?

Yes of course. To bring the life of OBC and SC /ST people on par with the upper caste people in school selection processes and govt. jobs.

Is the current system perfect?

No. Even the people who are being benefited knows that current system of reservation is more biased.

Don’t you think  poor from Higher caste in INDIA need help?

Yes, they do certainly. Who is stopping that?- A Dalit?  or Women? –  Who? – No one I guess. Then where is it even after 68 years of independence??

Yes. We need reservation for these people in graph ( SC,ST,OBC: 63%) ; But what about the rest 37% who are poor but are not considered poor ,Don’t  they need reservation??


Lets us have a look at Current day situation:

Do deserving people actually get benefited by reservation?

According to 2011 census: About 79.5 % of SC/ST people live in rural areas and rest 21.5 % in urban areas. Whom do you think are more benefited by reservation. Of course 21.5%  people from urban background( To mention MOSTLY not Everyone). Because, they are the people who are well known about these kind of matters. The main point is why these people live in urban areas .Because they have jobs and have better livelihood in cities. If so where would there children study – In well known  private schools and colleges-So they have same knowledge and surroundings when compared to other people .

Do they need Reservation??

 I am not talking of reserved people with low economic state living in urban areas ,they are much less compared to those who are settled; as they take way the rest of  people’s reservation.

“Do a son of a well settled SC/ST/OBC father need Reservation?? Of course, No”.

How come it is equality if he uses the reservation in improving his family status , his son do , his grand son do and it continues .. Is it not what it means Rich becomes Rich. By  the data given; in urban areas non–reserved people are equally in poverty with SC/ST/OBC’s. So don’t you think  they have a right to raise there family??

  “Without access to education, the poor will always be poor”

That is true but the point is it should go poor , by the word poor means in terms of economic status also  not  just social status.


The better the college -The better the job opportunities.

So , Aren’t  “Merit – Non reserved”  guys  loosing their opportunity??

     We have a lot of quantity but what we want is quality.. Give a chance to the deserved rather than the reserved.

Really talented people don’t get what they deserve… because they are not ‘reserved’.

Would you go to a doctor who scored 27% marks ( technically qualified ) in entrance and just scored 50%

( some how passed ) to treat your dad’s heart?

We need to think about it .Even a guy ( who has reservation ) will not prefer to go to this doctor. Isn’t it?

The point here is Not to abolish reservation system but is to have considering some constraints, economic and social both ;not only one.

The Caste based reservation system is a inconclusive debate with no clear cut lines. There is almost  little evidence that it has made a difference to the poor over the sixty years of practicing it, but the system cannot be scrapped or changed easily as the social disadvantages remain a contentious issue. There are no authoritative answers to this one, we can’t easily expect because any one who raise this issue will have to come out of power because there is no perfect solution for this till now..

We need to think about this….

Expecting a change from with in – For a change in this System.


Statistics Source :  Census of India



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