5 Reasons Why Starting with Guitar Is Difficult

5 Reasons Why Starting with Guitar Is Difficult 1

Guitar has been declared as the most popular hobby  among  teenagers according to many surveys conducted online. This instrument has attracted people since the time it came. Every third teenager wants to learn guitar or he is already a guitar player. Those people who want to learn this delicate instrument, need to know that it is not that easy as it seems to be when you see your favourite guitar player running his hands on the guitar like anything and  literally “playing” with the beauty, and that’s why many people drop the idea of learning guitar only In the beginning.

You need to know 6 reasons, why it is difficult to begin on it:

  1. Initial pain in the fingersimages (1) The next time  you meet a guitar player, notice the tips of his fingers. Touch them and then touch yours, you will realize that their skin is tightened then yours. This is because of the amount of practice they guys have put in the learning that instrument. It just takes the time to get like that, it does not happen overnight. So your hands will bear a lot of pain initially.
  1. Burden of stuffimages (4)

There is a lot of pressure in the mind of a beginner guitar player because there are plenty and plenty of stuff to be learned in the coming time.So many people find it difficult to start by seeing the number of theories, chord charts, scales, shapes and techniques that they will have to learn for becoming a pro guitar player. When you watch  your favourite  guitar player live, you realize that you are far behind from becoming like them.

  1. Expensive in monetary terms                                                                            Guitars are available in every range. You can get a guitar even at 200 bucks, if you don’t believe me, then visit the chor bazaar of Mumbai, you will find the truth. But here I am talking about good guitars which are promising for a beginner guitar player. They  range between 10k and 30k. I would definitely not recommend any beginner guitar player to buy an expensive guitar of 2-3 lacs, or even 80k-90k because you have just started it out. Buy those heavily expensive guitars when you have been titled as a pro by your guitar instructor.


  1. Game of patience

Some hobbies are all a game of patience, you must maintain your level of patience while learning any skill, you will not get it in the first few periods. The difference between  a beginner and master is, the master has not given up even after losing several times. So ‘maintain your patience’ is one of the top rules for learning guitars, which is hard to be followed.

  1. Guitar instructor’s feedownload (5)

Your guitar learning may cost you because you will have to pay fees to your guitar instructor who is highly qualified. For their qualification, they charge you heavy fees which are no way wrong I believe, because they have also spent a lot of time, effort and money in learning at their age.

Begin it today only, if you want to be kickass guitar player by making sure that you jump from all of these barriers. All the best and cheers!

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