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10 Reasons Why Indian Youth Is Facing Pyschological Problems

The youth of India is in a dilemma. It is surrounded by so many gadgets and so many other stuff that he gets exhausted. Every single day is like a struggle to achieve something or the other. He never rests or tries to get easy. Even in his sleep he worries about his cellphone, his upcoming day and what not. Here are few points which are a hurdle for the youth.

  1. High use of gadgets:


Today’s youth is very active, not in terms of energy but in terms of using electronic gadgets. It hampers the thought process. It prohibits the ability to express the feelings to others. For example, when there are fewer gadgets, we intend to spend more time in face-to-face interactions rather than texting.

  1. Frustration:

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With electronic devices comes frustration. The reason is simple. We believe in sharing our feelings on digital media, but amidst it, we forget that our conscience doesn’t understand digital media.

  1. Jack of all trades, master of none:


We try to accomplish more than one thing at a time. For the greed of money or saving one’s time, we work hard but not only on one thing. There are various other boats where we try to put our shoes in, thereby turning into jack of all trades but master of none.

  1. Tolerance:images (1) 

Being a part of the digital era, we want everything on our fingertips or on computer screens. We want everything to be lightning fast. But this speed is not possible everytime and everywhere. We need to have patience in every stage of life.

  1. Money mindfulness:

This problem is not only for the youth but also for the society. The society is trying to be called practical and is taking decisions keeping in mind Vitamin ‘M’. Although money is an important asset which is required to sustain but that doesn’t mean it is everything. It should be noted that MAN MADE MONEY AND TODAY MONEY MAKES THE MAN. Strange, but true!

  1. Greediness:

Greed is an attribute, which drives a person to want more and more of everything. One wish to gets over the other while another wish lines up in the list. One should relax and enjoy the achieved target.

  1. Lack of Discipline:
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The youth lacks discipline. Here discipline doesn’t mean following a strict time table of waking and sleeping. Discipline in work and providing the deliverables within its stipulated time period. One can always adjust his/her internal schedule according to their own wish.

  1. Loneliness:
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The youth doesn’t believe in sharing rather many people find the sharing of feelings is a sign of weakness. But that’s not the case. It is okay to cry sometimes and share the feelings. Unless you share it won’t heal. Then that feeling will change into frustration which will change your habits and your behaviour making you a bad person. It also inculcates other problems like depression, suicidal tendencies, etc.

Misunderstanding Relationships:
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It is good to be in a relationship unless both of them are mature and are helpful to each other. It is not about talking/chatting with each other for hours and hours. It’s about that understanding by talking within few minutes, you feel like WOW. But the problem is we are not ready to accept the differences and appreciate the similarities.

Unhealthy Competition:

The typical Indian mentality is to compete. Not to compete but to beat others in field of study or any other sector. But we forget to beat ourselves. We forget that each one of us has different orientation. We need to identify our interest and walk on that path.

Hence, if we really want to improvise and enhance our skills we need to focus on where our time is being wasted. The question is not only of time but of inner peace. It’s about patience and using the energy in the right direction.


Written by Pathik

I am studying structural engineering Design and i have been writing poetries since 2010. My area of interest in writing are social and economic issues.

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