Losing Virginity: Top 10 Reasons Why Girls Are Hesitant

Why do girls fear about losing virginity? Come here boys, let me paint you a word picture, a picture you will like. Picture a room, a dimly lit one. You can hear deep breathing. Muffled sounds. It’s you. With a girl. The heat is tangible. You are more horizontal now. Emotions are swirling, passions are stirring, and you reach out to get the protection. Suddenly she exclaims, “STOP! We cannot do this.” Did the word STOP take you by surprise? Are you still wondering why she is hesitant to make that move?

Don’t be confused – Keep calm, for now, I am going to unveil the possible reasons behind this mystery.

Top 10 Reasons why girls are hesitant of Losing Virginity

1. With Love, From Wife

“What is virginity?”
“Virginity is a gift that you give to your husband on the first night.”
Shocked?? But this is something that your girl might believe. A majority of girls grow up listening to this cliché and firmly deem pre-marital sex as a sin.

2. Ouch! It hurts

Yes, pain is one of the leading factors that makes a girl apprehensive of indulging in the pleasures of sex. The mere thought of the pain that she would have to endure may scare the shit out of her from losing virginity.

3. Sex can get me pregnant

Okay! Now you may stand up and say, “GROW UP GIRL!” You are right, use proper measures to have safe sex and the possibility to get pregnant reduces to minimal.

4. Log Kya Kahenge 😮

Yeah, the people you do not even know maybe the reason behind the denial of sex. The fear of being judged or being termed as a slut, whore, or bitch by society after having sex, may intimidate a girl.

5. My virginity = My family’s trust

Yes, you read it right! Since time immemorial, the girl is characterized as the “Ghar Ki Izzat.” If the girl loses her virginity, she is rebuked for betraying the trust of her family, and therefore, she finds it hard to make the move.

6. What if you leave me?

The fear of being dumped kills the urge to have sex. Some girls believe that the boy may leave her or may lose interest in her, soon after having sex with her. So all she wants to do is, to avoid sex as long as possible.

6. I would bleed

One of the most terrifying sights for a girl is to see her bleed. So, guys, bloodstains in bed are not just horrific scenes in The Godfather but also your girlfriend’s head.

7. I do not feel aroused

There are moments when just the lack of arousal may be the reason due to which, the girl may not be ready to have sex. Guys, remember the majority of girls are hesitant to admit that they are not yet aroused. So do not rush and allow your girl to take the lead.

8. What if you don’t like it?

Boys! Do not fret. The pressure of performance may be holding your girl. Believe it or not, the most important thing revolving a girl’s mind is to give you the utmost pleasure. The thought of not meeting your expectations may daunt her, and therefore, she must be reluctant to go for it.

9. Vaginismus

Wait! No need to Google this seemingly new term. Vaginismus is a psychological condition, wherein a girl fears penetration. So be it sexual intercourse, menstrual cups, or tampons, any of this thought is unfathomable for her.

Guys, it’s time to be a Gentleman about things in bed as well. Talking it out helps. So, sit back, make a nice cup of coffee, comfort your lady, and hear her out. Discuss her apprehensions and decide on a mutually comfortable equation. Show her Chivalry it isn’t dead yet. Do not feel exasperated and walk away, because
“Climax Abhi Baaki Ha Mere Dost 😉 “

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