12 Reasons Boys Can Be An Ass In A Relationship

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‘Relationship is not just holding hands while you understand each other. It’s also having lots of misunderstandings and still not leaving each other’s hands.’

A Relationship can be beautiful, full of love and last longer only if guys could understand a few things about it. Sometimes their habits are so annoying that it leads to intense fights and many times these fights could lead to breakups.

Every girl would love her man to work upon the things listed below:

  1. Aggression
    Those random fits of aggression that they get while conversing are totally not acceptable. Just being a guy doesn’t give you the right to shout , abuse or hold us tightly to hurt us.

2. The ‘I, me, myself’ attitude

Your plans, your mood, your choices, your priorities, your parents, your space: for God sake the Relationship is about ‘us’ and not about ‘me’. So kindly stop brooding over your life and pay attention to our future. This is the least that is expected from you.

3. Good with words, Bad with actions

Yes you can woo a girl by your sugar-coated words, but they don’t mean anything until and unless your actions reflect them. Pulling a chair, getting flowers, sending cute notes- all these things are expected throughout the relationship and not just during the initial stages.

4. Emotionally unavailable

Yes, we do like a guy who is there for us at the time we are hurt or in the time of PMS. Saying that ‘Oh come on, stop drooling over such small issues ’ is not a good way to soothe your partner. A Relationship is not just about satisfying the physical needs but also the emotional needs.

5. Popping their eyes when a diva walks by

The ‘wow’ feeling is clearly visible in his eyes when a hot girl passes by. Oh boy, can’t you see that we are standing by your side and this doesn’t makes us feel good when you pay attention to other girls in our presence?

6. The ‘What is your relation with him?’ Punch line

For God’s sake he is my best friend or just a colleague. You can’t be available every time and for each work. Besides there’s a difference between a best friend and boyfriend. Is it that difficult to understand?

7. They always avoid discussions

‘Cut the crap’, ‘Can we talk about this later’, ‘Why do we have to discuss it’. Guys are never ready for a discussion. They think that avoiding a problem is the best way to solve it.

8. We can decide what to wear and what not to wear

‘That dress is too short’, ‘Are you coming to the party in theses clothes with me, seriously?’, ‘This outfit is too revealing, what will my friends think?’ Guys can be such a pain in the neck when they say such things. We are in a Relationship and that does not take away the liberty from me of choosing my clothes.

9. Keeping track of our each and every minute is not so cool

The boy always wants the details of our whole day. Where have we been, with whom, at what time did we return, what did we do, etc. Urrgggh!! Dude, it is a Relationship and not a jail that you’d be keeping check on us every time.

10. Not publically accepting the relationship

Holding hands in private and leaving it as soon as a friend comes. Calling ‘love’ while we are alone and by names in public. They always hesitate to accept things in front of others. Where does all the affection goes while everyone is around?

11. Keeping your ego aside and asking for forgiveness is not that difficult

That alpha male attitude doesn’t let them ask for forgiveness. Sometimes after a fight even we are expecting an apology phone call, if only your ego would let you do it. What is more important- your attitude or the smile on the face of your girl.

12. Flirting with your ex…WTH?

She was your past and I am your present. Which sensible person flirts with his ex knowing that his girl would eventually come to know about it? Not only does it hurt us but also irritates us like hell.

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