1. The Sinatra Curse


Apparently, the song “My Way” by Frank Sinatra is banned across a lot of karaoke bars across the world due the unnaturally high killings associated with it. Ever since Sinatra performed it on the radio, it has become a hit to sing in karaoke, and many have been killed while at it. In the Philippines a man was shot by a security guard while singing it who said he was singing it badly. In another case, a person who sang it killed any critic or anyone who tried to make another rendition. However, it is still popular across many bars.

2. The Crying Boy


A sinister painting that was mass produced in the 60s to the 80s. Made by Bruno Aldo, it is an unremarkable thing to hang in your living room. But soon, amidst house fires, fire fighters began to find the painting of the Crying Boy to be completely undamaged. Even in cases of complete annihilation, the painting remained untouched. There were over a dozen such incidents. Theories abounded, but none were confirmed.

3. The Bjorketorp Runestone


I, master of the runes conceal here runes of power. Incessantly (plagued by) maleficence, (doomed to) insidious death (is) he who breaks this (monument).

This is what is inscribed on the rune stone which is located near a 6th-century mass grave. The message clearly tells people not to mess with it but this remained unheeded for long as the locals understanding of it was limited. Once a man who tried to remove the stone by heating and freezing was somehow set ablaze himself.

3. The Bassano Vase


The Bassano Vase was originally a bridal gift but things went awry when the bride died on her wedding night, causing. as many believed, to curse the vase. As it was passed down the generations, it wrecked havoc in the family and caused deaths to almost all owners. Someone noticed the pattern and locked the vase away for good. It was discovered again in 1988 with a note warning “This vase brings Death.” The owner unperturbed sold it at an auction and died a few months later. It was finally burnt for good.

4. King Tut

Probably the most popularized curse of recent days due to its highly publicized opening. Lord George Carnarvon, the main funder of the campaign died only 6 weeks after opening the tomb and this led to wide spread rumors of it being a curse. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle publicly voiced his opinion that Carnarvon had died because he had messed with history. The main archaeologist associated also died soon after as did 8 more people involved in the expedition.

5. The Hope Diamond


A beautiful blue diamond due to traces of boron in it, and a horde of bad luck to it’s owners. From¬†Ivan Kanitovski who was killed by Russians to the simple innkeeper who was torn apart by dogs, it has brought nothing but misfortune. However, ever since The Smithsonian Museum acquired it, they said the curse is now inactive and it has brought nothing but good luck.


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