Rakesh Maria Reluctant To Resign After Transfer

Rakesh Maria Reluctant To Resign After Transfer 1

The infamous Sheena Bora murder case involved lots of jaw-gaping and eye popping incidents. A recent addition to this list was the unexpected promotion of the presiding Mumbai Police Commissioner, Rakesh Maria who happens to be a senior IPS. He cross-examined the suspects for quite some time, after which he was promoted to the DG of the Police Home Guards.

A DG graded officer, Ahmed Javed resumed this position and as the Mumbai Police Commissioner. Both these promotions were approved by Devendra Fadnavis, the current Chief Minister of Mumbai, prior to leaving for Japan on 7TH of September, 2015.

Maria was not at all satisfied with the proceedings for which it was speculated that he might resign. But later he assured that he is not considering resignation at this point for this matter. However, the Maharashtra Government declared that Maria will still be supervising this probe. This action, however, was thought to be taken under the tremendous pressure inflicted by the opposition though it was denied by the Govt.



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