Puducherry : A Quick Guide

Puducherry : A Quick Guide 4

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Puducherry a.k.a Pondicherry, is one place you don’t want to miss out on your travel list.A union territory, the placed is packed with people of different cultures and places, and it is a perfect mix.

The official languages are Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu.The people here show uttermost simplicity in their living and nearly all of them have a helpful mindset.
Tourist attractions are the Aurobindo Ashram, Central Globe of Matirmantir, Paradise Beach, Rock/Promenade Beach, the French architecture are a feast to the eyes.

The Banyan Tree, at Matirmantir
The Banyan Tree, at Matirmantir

Sir Aurobindo, a spiritual guru has his ashram at Puducherry invites many people, both foreign and domestic to embrace the teachings and his final resting place.

Auroville, a town 8 km from Puducherry city, is where Sir Aurobindo’s Matirmantir and to visit this place, you may want to fare an auto, or taxi as bus services are absent.
Matirmantir is a place of spiritual enlightenment.Lush green trees stand tall on both sides of the path.We then reach the visitors place where details on his teachings and life are displayed.
The Central Globe of Matirmantir is located at the end of the journey.It gets lit up with the rays of the sun and the sight will leave us wonder struck.There is  peace and calmness in the air and meditating here is a bliss.

Central Globe at Matirmantir.
Central Globe at Matirmantir.

The streets of Puducherry will be packed with people after the scorching heat in the afternoon has settled.The Sunday market near Anna Salai and Mission Street will have road side vendors and shops which sell quality materials, at reasonable prices.

Items at Mission Street
Items at Mission Street

In the evening, the Rock beach becomes a great place to hangout with friends and family, with the moon rising in the horizon.

Rock Beach, Puducherry
Rock Beach, Puducherry

The best part of Puducherry is the people, so energetic,proud, and ready to help anyone that approaches them.So then! Have you decided? Happy journey!

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