Proposal on New Education Policy: 12 Hours of Schools in Metro Cities

The education wing of RSS has submitted a proposal to the HRD ministry after the government invited suggestions for the new education policy.

 The proposal says: “Schools should run at least for eight hours which is the minimum an employee spends in an office, and in Metropolitan cities, where both the parents are working, schools should run from 7:30 a.m to 7:30 p.m.hours of school schools

Learning a new language in childhood is easier than learning it as an adult

Vidya Bharati, the education wing of the RSS, said that this new policy will help in developing the linguistic skills of the students.

This will help in Indianisation of  Education” as the kids will be well accustomed to their mother tongue, Sanskrit and other regional languages as well as the foreign languages.

schools  schoolsBut so much language training is impossible to accommodate in the present school timings.

Hence, this new proposal, so that the children gets more time to learn more languages.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this proposal in case it is implemented.


  1. More Time to Learn:

    Extending the school timing will provide the schools with more time to teach students. The proposal said that extending school hours would give students ample time to pursue sports, drawing, music and dance.schools
  2. No Homework:

    Making the school hours longer, will tie the homework within the school timings, and kids will not have to worry about homework once they are let out for the day. schoolsNo homework anymore!
    They can chill and worry less about the homework that has to be submitted the next day in the first period itself.
  3. Better Child Supervision:

    If the kids are let out of schools at the same time their working parents come home, then it will assure the safety of their children. schoolsThis will reduce any chances of them getting into any kind of trouble by being left on their own.
  4. Less pressure on parents:
    The parents will not have to worry about arranging tuition classes for their children. And the working parents are not needed to find things for their children to do until they come home.

5. Multi-Lingual Child:
By learning so many languages, the child will not need the assistance of foreign words.

In the proposal, it is written that if students learn Sanskrit, their “pronunciation and spelling” skills will improve.(Source:



  1. Co-education will not be possible:
    A 12- hours class can not have both the boys and the girls studying together.“, said the proposal.schoolsWe all know, that co-ed schools help to develop a healthy competition between the girls and boys.
  2. Lack of Innovation:
    The child may not learn anything innovative from the experiences at schools or the things which a child learns by himself while doing things on his own.schools
  3. No time to play and enjoy:
    No one remembers the time they spent in the classroom studying. The fondest memories are always those which are made outside the four walls.
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